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Catana 47

L.O.A. 14.03 m / 46.03 ft
Beam 7.64 m / 25.07 ft
Draft Boards Up: 1.10 m / 3.61ft - Boards Down: 2.50 m / 8.20 ft
Full Load Displacement 10.9 tonne
Main Sail Area 88 m² / 947 sqft
Genoa Area 53 m² / 570.5 sqft

Engines 2 x 40 hp saildrives
Fuel/Diesel 600 litres
Freshwater 670 litres
Architects Christophe Barreau
Full Description

This new model embodies the values which have made the reputation of the Catana brand around the world:
Comfort, Safety, Quality, Performance.

The new 47 will be worthy of its predecessor, the now legendary Catana 471. Always seeking innovation, the Catana teams put their passion and their knowledge to work in search of the perfect alliance of fluidity and large living volumes.

The cockpit is well sheltered which allows free circulation, the helm position makes for easy and safe manœuvering. The interior design, by Linea Concept, offers a warm atmosphere with wengue floors and clear paneling.


With its outstanding performance and excellent standards of safety and comfort, the Catana 47, now more than ever, is the ideal boat for your first round-the-world trip, whether you are sailing single-handed or with a partner.

Superbly remodelled by the Catana shipyard, the new version is almost 700 kilos lighter, with carbon fibre used as standard for the main partitions, roof and numerous structural supports. Imagine yourself at the helm of an ultra high-performance catamaran, with the power to maintain high average speeds over long distances. Timed at almost 25 knots during its initial trials, the Catana 47 is fast, light, robust and exceptionally easy to handle, giving both helmsman and passengers a remarkable sensation of speed and acceleration. A perfect vessel in which to explore any of the world’s maritime pathways.


With its three cabins, in the owner’s version, the Catana 47 can easily accommodate up to six people on a long voyage. Its well-designed, spacious interior offers an excellent standard of comfort for a round-the-world trip, whether you are sailing single-handed or with a partner.

Another key benefit of the Catana 47 is the generous headroom under the nacelle, making it comfortable at high speed, even in heavy seas. This contributes to the boat’s unique static and dynamic stability, making it easy for the helmsman to control the sails, even in high winds. Its legendary ease of use in all weathers is combined with straightforward maintenance and simple resale, for complete peace of mind.


The Catana 47 is not just robust in all kinds of conditions, but also extremely easy to manoeuvre. The instruments are all located in the cockpit, with the toerails, lifelines and handrails designed for easy, unrestricted movement and to avoid an awkward stumble in heavy weather or when sailing single-handed. Tacking, reefing and handling the daggerboards are much easier as a result, particularly with the help of electric winches. Crossing the ocean is plain sailing – even on a solo voyage.



Video showing cedar interior:


Layout Options:

2 double / 1 twin cabin plus 3 bathrooms
2 double / 2 twin / 2 single cabins plus 4 bathrooms


Click here to download the Catana 47 Specifications and Inventory (updated December 2012).

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