Saucy Balearics - Nawii's exciting travels continue..

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Saucy Balearics – Nawii’s exciting travels continue..

Posted: 8 December 2014 Well it’s been a while and quite a lot has happened. Sandra’s filled everyone in on our adventures from Gibraltar to Morocco then back to Spain and around the Spanish coast to Calpe. We’ve had family onboard in Julie and Brian after the Camino trail walk …… We hope they enjoyed […]

Update from The Larrikin – leading the pack for the Atlantic Odyssey crossing!

Posted: 3 December 2014. Just a quick hello from us as we make our way across the Atlantic. We departed Lansarote on the 16th Nov and have now covered well over 1000nm. We were third across the start flying the ParaSailor chute, very colourful. With good weather resources and sound decision making we are currently […]

Sailing to the Solomon Islands on a Helia 44

Tim and Sandy Armstrong onboard 1 Giant Leap, a beautiful 2013 Helia 44 by Fountaine Pajot, share their experience sailing to the Solomon Islands… After many months of planning, adding new improvements and general maintenance of gear it was time to leave Australia and tackle our first foray into international cruising on our own boat. […]

Great prizes for new Fun Photo competition

Posted: 23 October 2014. We are launching a new fun photo competition, following the receipt of numerous wonderful photos recently sent to us from those of you out on the water “living the dream.” Simply send us your favourite photos or videos of you enjoying your boat, along with a short spiel on what you […]

Update from “Larrikin” in The Med

Posted: 15 August 2014. Traveling through the Messina Strait we saw the most unusual boats that are used to catch swordfish. These boats have immense lattice steel masts with a bowsprit about twice as long as the boat itself. The mast has a chair at the top for the captain who can steer the boat […]

“Toucanoes” by Rob Mundle

Posted: 7th August 2014. World renowned yachting journalist Rob Mundle has written this great article on his journey of finding the right boat for him. Thank you for sharing your story with us Rob, we are happy to make the buying process easy for our clients. It’s more than a decade since I’ve owned an […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 – Midi’s Meandering Part Three for 2014

Posted: 4 August 2014. Kalimera everyone.  Yes – Greece again.  Five weeks – five different countries!  Left from Italy – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania and now back in Greece. After our last few days in Croatia were spent amongst some of the rich and maybe famous (who knows) boats, it was off to Montenegro […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 – Midi’s Meandering Part Two for 2014

Posted: 14 July 2014. Dober Dan from Midi at Cavtat, Croatia. This one of our favourite spots, a beautiful small harbour town with a great anchorage nearby. We hope those of you in the north of NZ haven’t grown webbed feet or been washed away. Hope our latest offering goes a little way to brightening […]

Our First Sail, A King, & Parking A Tank

Posted: July 6, 2014. Sailing Your Boat For the First Time Is Like Being A Old Time Cowboy Spit In Your Hand And Shake Like any classic American movie scene, sailing Miss Catana is as good as spitting and shaking to close the deal. The deal is done. Miss Catana is officially complete and our […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Scallywag” – Wag Tales from the Med 2104 – 1

Posted: 25 June 2014. Hi All, We finally left Marmaris on 12th May and spent four days leisurely cruising up the Turkish coast to Kusadasi. Even had the spinnaker up one day as we rode the southerlies north and were joined by dolphins playing in the bow wake. We’d decided to splash out on a […]

2014 Fountaine Pajot Dealers Meeting in La Rochelle, France

Posted: 19 June 2014. Multihull Solutions managing director, Mark Elkington and Asia general manager, Andrew de Bruin attended to 2014 Fountaine Pajot dealers meeting in early June. There were 90 attendees representing 32 countries, at the meeting all building their knowledge of the Fountaine Pajot factory and inspecting all of the new models. Here are […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 – Midi’s Meandering Part One for 2014

Posted:  13 June 2014. Buon giorno everyone!  Yes, it’s us, the Terrible Traveling Tebbutts, back to annoy you with another season of Midi’s Meanderings. After a more or less uneventful trip (Bruce lost his wallet – thinks he may have left it on the plane seat) to Rome, we were somewhat anxious as we landed […]

2014 ex-factory handover image gallery

Posted: 8th May 2014. All is going extremely well with the five new Fountaine Pajot’s being handed over in La Rochelle in France. Albeit rather chilly, our new owners are all extremely pleased with their new boats and are gearing up for their next adventure. Here are some photos we have received: Click on the […]

2014 ex-factory handover update 1

Posted: 22nd April 2014. Michael (Nod) Crook and Patrick Gilot from Multihull Solutions have arrived in La Rochelle, France to assist in the handing over of five new Fountaine Pajot’s this month. First of the rank is Jeff and Sandra O’Connor who have sold their house in Torquay, Victoria to complete their retirement dream that […]

Hots tips from The Med

Posted: 5 April 2014. Here is an update from a client who picked up a new Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 from the factory in France in June 2011 and his since been living the cruising dream. What makes this story unique is that the client is a female and is sailing solo most of the […]

Multihulturism by Alan Lucas

Posted: 17 March 2013. We recently found this fun article written by the talented Alan Lucas (author of many cruising guides) for The Coastal Passage publication and just had to share this tongue-in-cheek description of the rising popularity of multihulls in recent years. We hope you enjoy reading it too! Multihulturism By Alan Lucas, SY […]

Owners take delivery of new Catana 42 ex-factory in France

Posted: 4 March 2014. “Miss Catana”, a brand new Catana 42 is getting it’s final work done in La Rochelle in France. She will be delivered to the owners in Canet who plan to start their cruising dreams in the Mediterranean in June. Here are some photos so far – click to enlarge:  

New Summerland 40 “Lady Luv” handover

Posted: 27 February 2014. The first new model Summerland 40 LC by Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts has arrived in the southern hemisphere. Landing last week in Auckland, New Zealand for vineyard owners Peter and Deborah Jackson, final work is being done for handover. The boat will be based at their holiday home on the Marlborough […]

This (boating) life

Posted: 24 February 2014. A client of ours selling his beloved Fountaine Pajot – Athena 38, “Tubasa”. He has sent us this wonderful story of his journey through life and boats. It was too inspirational not to share. Thank you Colin for this insight into your boating life! This (boating) life by Colin Creighton. The […]

Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 cruising in Tassy

Posted: 15 February 2014. Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi 40 owners have sent us through this update and great images from their cruising in Tasmania. Hi Friends, As you can see we are back on the air. We have just returned to D’Entrecasteaux Channel south of Hobart after spending two weeks on  the west coast of Tasmania […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Eight 2013

Posted: 12th November 2013. Syracusa is beautiful! The magnificent Duomo, beautiful churches, the winding streets with their outdoor cafes, and the market! All our foodie friends would be in heaven. Bruce had to buy oysters and after the man had opened them, he gave us each a glass of Prosecco – wouldn’t get that at […]

New video footage of the Salina 48 Evolution sailng in Spain

Owners of the Fountaine Pajot Salina 48 have sent us this great new footage. Hi Rachel, We were travelling down the west coast of Spain in October leaving from La Coruna going to O Gove just above Vigo, this footage was taken just above Cap Finisterre. Wind app 25 knot angel about 55 boat speed […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Seven 2013

Posted: 17 October 2013. Next it was to the island of Ithaca, anchoring in a little spot called Vathi Limani before continuing on to the harbour of Vathi itself. This was another lovely little anchorage so typical of the Ionian islands with bush all around. So I, the captain decided a walk ashore was in […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Six 2013

Posted 22 September 2013. Kalimera everyone. And then there were two. Yes just Darby and Joan after nearly three months with company. I hope we will cope! After our last newsletter, we ventured a little further south and ended up in Vliho, a harbour named by many as the English Toilet! It is a very […]

First cruising catamaran to cross the Northwest Passage – Greenland to Alaska!

Posted: 27 September 2013. A Salina 48, built by Fountaine Pajot, Libellule, is the first cruising catamaran to cross the Northwest Passage! “We’ve always known that the SALINA 48 was designed for ocean cruising, with many sailing the seas all over the world. We look forward to helping more owners with these voyages: including the […]

Excited new owners of a Catana 42 share their story

Posted: 18 October 2013. Buying our boat will be a life changing experience. Similar to having a baby, now we must wait. Our new girl will be ours in June 2014. If you know nothing of the boat we have purchased let me paint the picture … Vital Statistics Name: “Miss Catana” Brand: Catana Catamaran […]

Hélia 44 owners find helpful locals in Italy

Posted: 18 September 2013. Sydney couple Gordon and Lou Coates previously owned a Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “La Rochelle”, but have recently upgraded to the new model Hélia 44. Instead of having the boat shipped to Australia (as they did with “La Rochelle”), they have chosen to pick up their new boat ex-factory in France. […]

The good life for sail converts – story by Barry Wiseman for the West Australian newspaper

Story by Barry Wiseman for the West Australian newspaper – published 24 August 2013. David and Beverley Smale swap power-boat scene for more leisurely and economical travel on the seas. Power or sail? For some, there is no argument, it’s either one or the other. But for Mandurah couple David and Beverley Smale, turning to […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Five 2013

Posted: 06th September 2013. Here is a snippet from Midi’s latest meanderings in the Mediterranean. Off we tootled in the car (Hyundia I30) and the first stop was Melissani, to visit the underground lake. We went down into a cave and it opened out to the sky and we got into a small boat and […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Four 2013

Posted: 20th August 2013. Here is a snippet of Midi’s latest adventures: The next day it was off to Olympia, the site of the first Olympics. Amazing. This site is huge and although Bruce took dozens of photos, we will only bore you with a couple. It was hard to imagine people competing there and […]

Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 “Larriken” updates from The Med

Posted: 31st July 2013. We have adapted to life in the Med with little effort, it would seem. Because of the heat, we now understand why the people have such a relaxed lifestyle. We too have adopted some of their habits. For instance; waking late, doing what is needed to be done, then having a […]

Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Three 2013

Posted: 25 July 2013 Kalimera everyone from the scrumptious olive capital of the world, Kalamata. Since we last talked, we have visited Milos, where we have been before but the MacPhersons haven’t. Here we had decided to leave Midi for a couple of days and visit the island of Thira, Santorini. Here is a snippet […]

Helpful tips when purchasing a new boat from the factory

Posted: 23rd July 2013. Gordon and Louise Coates are currently sailing The Mediterranean after picking up their brand new Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 ex-factory in April. Here are some great, first-hand tips following their ex-factory pick-up experience. Gordon and Lou’s Helpful tips when picking up a new boat ex-factory: Get advice from Multihull Solutions as […]

NEW Catana 59 undersail footage

Posted: 17th July 2013. We have just been sent this fabulous footage of the brand new Catana 59 under sail in light wind. Here the gutsy photographer shoots from above and below the water! This vessel will be shipped to Australia this September and will be presented for sale. Quick Link: Visit the Catana 59 […]

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 “Larrikin” latest pictures

Posted: 28th June 2013.  Larrikin the Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 owned by Sydney couple Gordon and Louise Coates continues cruising through the Mediterranean. They are making us all writhe with jealousy with these latest pictures. Thank you Gordon and Louise – we love seeing what you’re up to!    

Video footage sailing on a Catana 582 in 40 knots

Posted: 30 May 2013. We found this footage on You Tube which may be of interest to anyone wondering how a Catana catamaran handles in big seas and strong winds. Here the Captain decides to venture out into 40 knots to show the Catana’s performance. He points out some great Catana features and benefits. Quick […]

Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 crosses the Bay of Biscay

Posted: 28 May 2013. Gordon and Louise Coates update us after picking up their brand new Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 ex-factory in April. Here is the first installment of their adventure. As much as we love La Rochelle and had become very familiar with life there, we needed to make a move toward sailing off […]

Ex-factory handovers update 11 – last boat complete!

Posted 30th April 2013. Hi All, Here we are at the end of the month and the final Fountaine Pajot has now been commissioned. Bill Morrison and his mate Pete have arrived as the proud new owners of the last model Orana 44. They have named her Koru 2, which is a kiwi word that […]

The adventure begins in La Rochelle

Posted: 26th April 2013. Sydney couple Gordon and Louise Coates are currently in La Rochelle, France picking up their brand new Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44. Here is an update on their journey so far… Hi All, Here is a quick note, it has been hard to settle into writing with so much going on, but […]

Ex-factory handovers update 10 – Salina 48 christening

Posted: 24th April 2013. These latest shots from our team in La Rochelle have just come through. Kevin and Vianni McGreal have arrived to collect their Salina 48 Evolution. Here they are celebrating by christening the boat with champagne!

Ex-factory handovers update 9 – Aussie BBQ in France

Posted: 21st April 2013. Nod and Patrick from Multihull Solutions hosted a BBQ last night for all the owners who are currently in La Rochelle, France picking up their new Fountaine Pajots. Nod cooked the great Aussie style BBQ and Patrick picked out some of his favourite french foods for all to enjoy. With numerous […]

Ex-factory handovers update 8 – Lipari 41 handover

Posted: 19th April 2013. Tony and Heather Skinner and Tony and Trish Yates arrive to collect their Lipari 41. These are the photos of the handover day and they are now onboard their Lipari 41 (Araldite). The boat is named after the two girls, who it turns out are both “Captain Araldites” and get stuck […]

Ex-factory handovers update 7 – Orana 44 sets sail!

Posted: 16th April 2013. First cab off the rank! Jim Freeman and Peter Bailey’s Orana 44 is now complete. Jim, Peter and the boys Aaron and Steven have set off across the Bay of Biscay yesterday heading for Portugal. Thrilled with their boat they are looking forward to exploring the Med! Bon Voyage, we wish […]

Ex-factory handovers update 6 – Hélia 44 maiden sail

Posted: 14th April 2013. Here are some great images of of Gordon and Louise on their first sail onboard their new Fountaine Pajot Helia 44. Click on the images to enlarge.

Top tips from Salina 48 “Novae” in the Caribbean

Posted: 14th April 2013. Hello everyone. My communications in the last few months have been sporadic due to internet connectivity. We have been buying new SIM cards in every island we visited and not always managed to get DATA from the network, we learned that staying in touch via internet is one of the main […]

Ex-factory handovers update 5

Posted: 13th April 2013. At last the weather appears to be getting better!! We are taking Gordon and Louise Coates for a sail on their Hélia 44 today (pics to come). Yesterday we spent the day on the hard putting the skin fittings into the Skinner/Yates Lipari 41. Click on images below to enlarge.  

Ex-factory handovers update 4 – more Aussies arrive as boats get set to leave

Posted: 12th April 2013. Gordon and Lou Coates (Helia 44) arrived on the TGV yesterday and after a night of recovery have had the first day onboard their Helia 44 – The Larrikin. In the afternoon the sun came out for the first time. Finally someone has brought some sun with them – click on […]

Hélia 44 spends Easter at Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Posted: 11th April 2013. The very generous owners of the brand new Fountaine Pajot Hélia 44 have sent us these wonderful photos of their recent Easter break on Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia. Thanks for sharing these with us Dave and Bev, keep enjoying your magnificent boat!  

Ex-factory handovers update 3

Posted: 4th April 2013. Jim Freeman and families have arrived in La Rochelle. Here are some images of their handover. They are thrilled with their boat and are looking forward to their Med cruising!

Ex-factory handovers update 2

Posted: 2nd April 2013. Dan Hobbs from Classic Yacht Shipwrights arrives in La Rochelle with all the tools needed to commission the five yachts for our Australian owners. Read the background of this story here.