Boat Review - Hélia 44 - A big, elegant cruiser with heaps of room for long passages

Fountaine Pajot Catamarans Reviews

Boat Review – Hélia 44 – A big, elegant cruiser with heaps of room for long passages

Posted: 7th November 2013. Review by Steven Lague for Overview: Cats are getting more popular and berths are getting more plentiful. Catamarans are becoming the boat of choice for people who love cruising and it is not surprising when you see boats like the Fountaine Pajot Helia 44. With their large living areas and […]

NEW 2013 MODEL – Hélia 44 – Boat Review – A Fountaine Pajot Catamarans Signature

Posted: 4th March 2013. Elegance, performance, comfort, innovation … the new worldwide reference in 44ft cruising catamara Fountaine Pajot Catamarans launches a new model, the Hélia 44, available in two versions. Already enjoying international acclaim, the Hélia 44 is set to be one of the shipyard’s most successful models. Introducing the all new Hélia 44, […]

Boat Review – Fountaine Pajot – Sanya 57 – The Great Escape

Posted: 26th January 2013. By Anthony Twibill for OCEAN magazine. For cruising sailors, the twin-hulled catamaran ‘platform’ divides opinion at more marina and yacht club bars than almost any other topic among bluewater cruising salts, young or old. The ‘level playing field’ of catamaran sailing is loved by the converts who appreciate the wide open […]

Boat Review – Fountaine Pajot – Sanya 57 – Apartment Living

Posted: 12th November 2012. By Phil Ross for Cruising Helmsman magazine. It is large and imposing but Phillip Ross finds that the simplicity of catamaran sailing is attracting newcomers to the scene. Starting at a base boat price of AU$1.65m this yacht has every right to be a Flagship. The Sanya 57 is a part […]

Boat Review – Fountaine Pajot – Hélia 44 – Ray Of Light

Posted: 5th November 2012. By Anthony Twibill for SAIL magazine Australia. In typically chic French designer style, catamaran specialists Fountaine Pajot have launched a stylish new mid-size cat, introducing genuinely innovative new features, both inside and out. Coupled with class-leading speed, stability and safety at sea. At a price tag to pleasantly surprise any big […]

Fountaine Pajot – Sanya 57 Boat Review

Posted: 22 September 2012. Review by David Lockwood for Fountaine Pajot is not only the biggest manufacturer of catamarans in Europe but it does so with ISO 9001 and 9002 accreditation. This means strict adherence to laminate schedules, quality control checks at every stage of production, sprinkler checks in a basin to ensure complete […]

Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41: My Boat “Isis”

By Karen Harper and Hamish Smith featured in October 2011 Cruising Helmsman Magazine – My Boat section. This is an informative article written by a couple who searched long and hard for the perfect boat. It runs through their decision process and gives allot of helpful advice for anyone looking to purchase a live a […]

Lipari 41: A French Performer

By Steve Callahan. The latest cruising cat from Fountaine Pajot has both speed and style to burn. A review from our June 2010 issue by Steve Callahan. The Lipari 41 from Fountaine Pajot could be characterized as a typical cruising cat for its size. It has spacious accommodations, relatively high freeboard, a raised saloon with […]

Cruising Comfort – Summerland 40 Boat Review

By Kevin Green for Australian Multihull World Power Magazine. Fountaine Pajotʼs latest foray into the power catamaran cruising market is a costeffective winner, reports KEVIN GREEN. The newly launched Summerland 40 powercat promises bluewater cruising sailors some welcome respite from marinas with  plenty of  range thanks to its meagre fuel consumption and enough creature comforts […]

Summerland 40 Boat Review – Summers Here

By Barry Tyler for Pacific Motor Yacht – Many serious cruising folk will of course be well aware of the Fountaine Pajot range of sailing catamarans; perhaps not so many however will know the French manufacturer also produces a range of equally serious ocean-going power catamarans, the latest addition to the range being the […]

French Evolution – Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 Evolution Boat Review

By Barry Tyler for Multihull World Magazine The name said it all for while – the Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 was a culmination of all that went before it, it was the ‘evolution’ in  terms of up-to-the-moment and certainly state-of-the-art technology and innovation – which demands you take a second look. That the French manufacturer […]

Fountaine Pajot – Eric Bruneel and Fountaine Pajot

By Dieter Loibner If an executive has worked 20 years for one employer and shown a good hand for the business, his decision to take a well-earned sabbatical shouldn’t surprise anyone. And if he used that time to write a memoir or embark on a leisurely cruise, it would all seem normal enough. These are […]

Mahe 36 – Boat Review by

By Bill Springer Fountain Pajot returns to building smaller cruising catamarans. Fountaine Pajot’s new Mahé 36 replaces the popular Athena 38 as the company’s entry-level boat. Since many cat builders have shied away from smaller cruising models, I was eager to see how the Mahé could provide interior headroom and volume without looking top-heavy or […]

Mahe 36 – Boat Test

Despite the constant growth in the average size of cruising catamrans, Fountaine Pajot has always kept some small, ‘family’ models amongst their range: the Louisiane created the trend in France, then it was succeeded by the Maldives, the Antigua and the Tobago. The ‘archipelago’ of reasonably-sized boats is now enlarged with the Mahé 36. We […]

Mahe 36 – Class Act

By Roger Priest. Roger checks out the latest new innovative catamaran from French manufacturer Fountaine-Pajot – the spacious and value-for-money Mahe 36. The French have done it again. Innovation that is. This has resulted in significant maximisation of useable interior space in the Mahe 36 to make the boat equal to cats a size larger […]

Mahe 36 – A Sleeper of a Speedster

By Andrew Burton On a midwinter trip to Miami, an enjoyable sail on a comfy cat surprises a jaded editor. Thanks to a large sail plan and narrow waterline beams, the Mahe 36 really scoots. “Go down to Miami and sail this 36-foot cat,” the boss said, pointing to a brochure. I liked the Miami […]

Tobago 35 – Boat Review

The Tobago 35 is the smallest in the range of six sailing catamarans from French yacht builder Fountaine Pajot. The company has been making inroads in the Australian sailing scene in recent months, with particular success in the charter industry. The Tobago 35 is most popular with cruising couples, and has its galley, navigation table […]

Athena 38 – Boat Review

By David Lockwood Fountaine Pajot’s latest Euro-cat delivers gallic style in a package that more than satisfies Australians’ love for the great outdoors. They’re known for their adventurous spirit; for sailing like speed demons on the water; and flaunting an innate sense of style and panache which no-one else has. Little wonder, then, that the […]

Lipari 41 – Tried and Tested

By Mike Brown When you plan to build 250 boats a year it pays to make sure the design is right – scrapping and rebuilding moulds is expensive. Fountaine Pajot, the French power and sailing catamaran specialist, spent a year getting the Lipari 41 right, including transatlantic voyages. To read complete story – click here […]

Lipari 41 – Just what the Doctor Ordered

By Barry Wiseman World renown mltihull manufacturer Fountaine Pajot made its Australasian launch of the new Lipari 41 sailing catamaran at the Club Marine Mandurah Boat Show, as Bary Wiseman reports from Perth. As skipper Ian Murray invited me to step aboard this brand spanking new, gleaming white, sailing catamaran there was little sign of […]

Lipari 41 – Life on the Level

By Nigel Ridgway Nigel Ridgway puts the latest import from France through its paces – the very attractive Lipari 41. Walking up to the Lipari 41 at the Mandurah Boat Show I was immediately struck by the sheer size of the cat. To read complete story – click here for Lipari 41 – Life on […]

Lavezzi 40 – Boat Test

By Mark Orr We usually test boats that are new to the market. This time we test the Lavezzi 40 that has been around since late 2002. In the last seven years 230 have been built by Fountaine Pajot and continuous product development has occured that makes the Lavezzi as popular now as she was […]

Lavezzi 40 – Boat review by BWS

by BWS Staff The Lavezzi 40, designed by noted French designers Joubert/Nivelt, is one of the smaller offshore cruising cats in the Fountaine Pajot line (from 36 to 60 feet), yet contains all of the elements you will need for extended living aboard, family cruising and passagemaking. The hull forms are lean and Lavezzi 40 […]

Lavezzi 40 – Boat Review

When production catamarans reached critical mass about a decade ago, they displayed a wide range of innovative ideas. Some of these ideas persisted, while others disappeared. Today’s cruising cats improve by steady evolution rather than quantum jumps; Fountaine Pajot’s Lavezzi 40 is a perfect example. Americans were startled by the lines of these vessels in […]

Lavezzi 40 – Life Begins at 40

By Nigel Turner For years now I have had an urge to go sailing on a large catamaran that has the capability to cruise in comfort. So when the opportunity arose to have a look at a 40 footer out of Mooloolaba, I was more than pleased to take up the offer. To read complete […]

Lavezzi 40 – Dream Machine

By Caroline Strainig If you love cats and acan afford the price tag of a real dream machine, take a stickybeak at Fountaine Pajot’s new Lavezzi 40. Not only is it luxurious, but it has good bridgedeck clearance and can move too, report Caroline Strainig. To read complete story – click here for Fountaine Pajot […]

Lavezzi 40 – Al Fresco Sailing

By Mike Cahill New Zealand brokerage listings may be dominated by monohulls butinternationally the charter and recreational fleets are increasingly trending towards multihulls. To read complete story – click here for Lavezzi 40 Full Story

Orana 44 – Boat Review by BoatPlus

By Barry Tranter This cruising cat is great for beginners, experts and any sailors who enjoy one-level living in style. Catamarans are bringing new people to the world of yachting. They make sense both to first-yacht buyers and to powerboat people who may be considering crossing to the dark side of boating, also known as […]

Orana 44 – Boat Review & Comparison

BWS takes a quick look at some of the new cruising multihulls coming to the U.S. market this year. The new Orana 44 from French builders Fontaine Pajot incorporates many innovations in a design that promises to be a great floating home and a capable cruiser. Designed by veterans Joubert/Nivelt, the 44 packs a huge […]

Orana 44 – By Multihull World

By Barry Tranter When, in the dim and distant future, the definitive history of yachting is written, the chapter on multihulls will record that in the 1960s the British virtually invented the modern production multihull, both cats and trimarans. And then, for various reasons, they left the field and the French wasted no time in […]

Orana 44 – Owner’s Review

By Louise Coates I was introduced to boating at a young age when my parents bought a ‘Heron’ to race on Sundays at our small local sailing club. Dad was Commodore for many years while he and my mother enjoyed the racing and social aspects of belonging to a small and friendly, family sailing club. […]

Belize 43 – Whitsunday Wanderer

By Terry & Sue Scott My dream for many years has been to charter a yacht around the Whitsunday Islands. As a significant birthday was approaching , I decided the time was right to live the dream. To read complete story – click here for Belize 43 Whitsunday Wanderer Full Story

Salina 48 – Big and bold

By Roger Priest Roger Priest checks out the latest arrival from France – Fountaine-Pajot’s Salina 48 luxury catamaran. This big 14.3m cruising cat comes from French boatbuilder Fountaine-Pajot’s volume production line, which brings many advantages and a few constraints. Being a big producer, funds were able to be spent in tank testing to optimise the […]

Bahia 46 – Boat Review

1 April 1997 By Bill Lee. I like multihulls. Years ago, I owned a 20-foot Shark catamaran and a 25-foot C-Class cat. In 1972, I sailed a Transpac for multihulls on a Brown 37 trimaran Bachannal, winning on corrected time and completing the 2,225-mile course in 10 days, 10 hours, aboard what was, by today’s […]

Bahia 46 – Bred by Sailors for Sailors

Fountaine Pajot are renowned world wide for setting the standards when it comes to cruising catamarans, proving you can build a stylish masterpiece that sails safely around the globe. Click here to read full story in Sea Spray Magazine.

Eleuthera 60 – Big, Bold & Very Beautiful

Fountaine Pajot is the world’s number one builder of cruising catamarans and has consistently set the standard for all others to follow since they began back in 1976 in France. Earlier this year they launched their 1500th boat. Based in two locations in France (La Rochelle and Aigrefeuille) they are surrounded by arguably the world’s […]

Highland 35 Pilot – Unpretentious

By Barry Tyler Australians will be well aware of the French Fountaine Pajot range of catamarans, seen predominantly in the sailing guise and frequently involved with the charter industry. With the advent of higher fuel costs however there is now also an ever-increasing demand from the private sector, from cruising skippers who are looking for […]

Cumberland 44 – Boat Review

By Capt. Andy McCutcheon Viva La France “Fountaine Pajot’s new 44’ Cumberland Trawler Cat, the newest in the European manufacturers range, will leave you saying Oh-La-La and other catchy French Superlatives”. On a recent trip back to Mooloolaba, home base to EC Marine and the epicenter of the Fountaine Pajot product line here in Australia, […]

Cumberland 44 – Are Two Hulls Better Than One?

By Andrew Young The day had finally arrived! The first Cumberland 44 was unloaded from a container ship in Brisbane after traveling from Southampton. To read complete story – click here for Cumberland 44 – Are Two Hulls Better Than One? Full Story

Cumberland 44 – Fine at the Line

By Brian Hartz Fountaine Pajot’s Cumberland 44 trawler catamaran saw action in the Louis Vuitton and 32nd America’s Cup as the green-and-white liveried committee boat, Nefertiti, around which Emirates Team New Zealand and the other syndicates entered the start box, having drawn the starboard flag. To read complete story – click here for Cumberland 44 […]