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Incorporating new concepts:

From the very earliest stage of a new build, the Sunreef team offers clients their professional advice, and is present and supportive throughout the entire yacht building process, from the drawing board to the delivery day, and further into the future. This approach allows for considerably reducing the time needed to incorporate eventual modifications or alternative solutions which optimises the yacht’s building schedule, as well as being an important cost saving tool.

Sunreef’s naval architects team deals with hull design, stability and weight calculations as well as sails and deck plans. Then, production drawings are made in 2D and 3D tools and forwarded to technicians and engineers supervising the production process.

Interior and exterior design:

The Sunreef designers work in a close relation with clients in order to fulfil their wishes. All stages of design are vigilantly planned and supervised with the clients having complete access to the progress of the project.

The exterior of the yacht is decided by the owner, with additions, alterations and suggestions proposed by Sunreef’s architects and designers. All sorts of extras may be added into the structure of your yacht.

Interior designers then set about giving the yacht a unique and distinctive character, varying from modern to classic design, depending on the owner’s preferences. The superior quality materials used for all furniture and fabrics, as well as the highest technology in audio and electronic equipment are incorporated into the interior.

The consciousness creation of the Sunreef brand, characterised by elegance, perfect finish of every detail and by the careful thought put in creating the living area, encourages the team to look for modern technical solutions and new design tendencies in order to increase the comfort and elegance of the yacht.

As the company grows, the design department does not stay behind. Sunreef has a wide range of interior options on offer and they use innovative solutions and new practical ideas.

When the design stage is completed and approved, the building stage starts.

Engineering department:

The engineering department takes the greatest interest in the most detailed planning and development of Sunreef’s yachts. The Sunreef team guarantees the best practical solutions which result in more comfortable and safer navigational systems and handling of the yacht. The best high-tech solutions are enforced during the whole of the building process.

The design and engineering departments are a team of enthusiastic professionals with a commitment to perfection.

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