St. Francis 50 - The Livin' Is Easy

St. Francis 50 – The Livin’ Is Easy

By Nim Marsh

The South African-built St. Francis 50 is a catamaran meant for easy sailing and maintenance while on long ocean passages.

“Hey, I can read my notes! I must be on a multihull” was my cheerful thought during our Boat of the Year test sail as the St. Francis 50, a South African-built catamaran, bounded upwind into a short chop at 10.5 knots in 26 to 30 knots of apparent wind.

The St. Francis, close-reaching with full-battened main and rolled-out genny, simply flew, topping out at 12.2 knots. With the wind a steady 30, I walked forward without using the handrails and had a nice ride in the pulpit seat. Sailhandling on this 50-footer is trouble-free; the main is raised with the windlass and furls into lazy jacks and a boom-mounted sail pouch.

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