Safety Equipment for Blue Water Cruising

Nothing can compare to the sense of unbridled freedom you experience when sailing offshore. Blue-water cruising is not just about getting from one port to another, but discovering the majesty of nature with only the wind and the waves for company. However, any adventure is only thrilling because there is… read more

Buying the right catamaran for you

Article written by Multihull Solutions’ Sales Consultant Joe Goddard, for Not all cats are created equal. Here’s how to pick the right one to suit your needs and sailing style. When it comes to buying a catamaran, it’s very much a case of horses for courses. Some cats are… read more

The Importance of a Marine Survey

We get asked a lot of questions about boat surveys and what they entail, as well as what kind of benefits they offer to owners. So, we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of marine surveys and explain why your new boat really does need one. First… read more

The Sailboat Debate: Monohull Vs Multihull

It is a question that we hear time and time again. Which is best: multihulls or monohulls? Is a catamaran faster than a monohull? Apart from the number of hulls, what are the main differences between the two? The choice is an important one because it has all kinds of… read more

Power or sail boat – what’s right for me?

If you’ve decided to finally take the plunge (excuse the pun) and purchase a boat to enjoy our magnificent cruising grounds, you might be stuck between the choice of buying a power or sail boat. The best way to ensure you make the right decision is to understand exactly what… read more

Maximising Your Selling Price – 10 Top Tips

Often, it is only when boat owners decide to sell that they finally get around to completing all the jobs on the old “to do” list. Tightening lifelines, polishing the stainless steel, repairing tears in upholstery, and fixing small gel-coat chips are just some of the typical jobs that don’t… read more

Power Consumption

By Michael (Nod) Crook Service Manager, Multihull Solutions I have recently spoken about power consumption at our Open Day at our Gold Coast Sales Centre.  The topic was well received and started a very open discussion on different experiences and preferences on how to best power a catamaran.  The following… read more

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