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Crossing the waves at high speed demands maximum comfort.

Wind, swells, troughs, rain, cold, sun… these can all be tiring, especially if you want to maintain a high cruising speed.

In the world of high-performance catamarans, Catanas are arguably the only boats that provide the level of comfort required to travel long distances at high speed.

Inside and outside, these boats are equipped so that the helmsman and passengers will be able to enjoy sailing long distances.

The outstanding sound insulation, the fact that the boat does not list, the quality of the interior fittings and equipment, the spacious headroom under the nacelle, the ease of steering and manoeuvres and uncomplicated maintenance, all make Catana catamarans unique and ensure that their passengers can truly take advantage of the boat’s performance.

Sound insulation:

The engines make less noise than the waves lapping against the hulls thanks to the extremely efficient sound insulation of the engine rooms, regardless of whether you are in the cabins or the cockpit.


We are constantly working to improve the thermal insulation of the Catana range. We pay particular attention to making the living quarters pleasant and well ventilated, even in very hot weather.
The sandwich construction of the deck provides excellent insulation.

The side ventilation is extremely efficient: the interior portholes, located under the nacelle, provide protection even if it is raining.
All our head linings are made of ultra-light materials with good insulation properties.

The large portholes in the roof are fitted with external isothermal curtains, the most efficient way of keeping cool, even in extreme heat. These prevent 90% of the sun’s rays from entering, without blocking the view.

Each porthole is fitted with a shutter and mosquito net, ensuring good ventilation even in mosquito-infested areas.
Wide flexible panels (the large sliding door and window on both sides of the entrance) guarantee excellent ventilation in the salon.

Living quarters:

It is not difficult to build a functionally efficient boat that performs well.

It is a lot more complicated, however, to maintain the boat’s performance while offering every modern convenience, such as a refrigerator, freezer, oven, dishwasher, wine cellar, television, washing machine, generator, desalination equipment, air conditioning, heating, diving compressor and other equipment.

Which is what makes the Catana range so special. These are the only catamarans that guarantee high performance and top-of-the-range comfort.

Comfort at the helm:

Catana20_rudders-and-steering-296x300The Catana steering system meets every challenge in every possible situation, no matter what the force of the swells or the wind, so there is no need for major effort on the part of the helmsman to steer the boat.

The highly balanced rudders enable the boat to glide along easily, even at high speeds, over a sea as smooth as a millpond or in heavy weather.

Catana is always looking to create even more thrilling sensations and has therefore equipped its catamarans with a mechanical steering system with a synchronisation valve to improve its touch.
The outsized rudders are guided by spherical polyacetal bearings in aluminium sockets, allowing the helmsman to enjoy sailing experiences worthy of a professional racing vessel.

Ease of handling:

Since all controls are centralised in the cockpit, the helmsman can calmly navigate the Catana in all weathers without going backwards and forwards to the front of the boat.

Since all controls are within easy reach, sailing during heavy weather is less exhausting and a lot safer.
The genoa is always roller furling and the spinnaker is fitted with a sock.

The powerful, top-of-the-range equipment and fast reefing system are easy to use, while improving safety and reaction times.
All Catanas are fitted with state-of-the-art controls: families or those sailing single-handed can enjoy exceptional performance and optimal safety.

Technical maintenance:

All the mechanical and electronic components and the rigging on a Catana are very easy to access. This facilitates the maintenance of your boat, whether you are moored in a harbour or sailing on the high seas.

The delivery of a Catana includes clear and detailed documentation for all of the equipment on the boat (electrical, plumbing and sail plans), as well as a detailed instruction manual.


Headroom under the nacelle:

The generous headroom under the nacelle of Catana catamarans avoids waves slapping against the boat, preventing the crew from having to deal with disturbing noise, even in stormy seas.

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