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No matter how experienced the helmsman, every voyage on the high seas is a new adventure.

The optimal safety conditions guaranteed by a Catana mean that the helmsman can calmly sail the boat and therefore concentrate on the essentials.

Unsinkable, solid, light and with the ability to beat into the wind: these are all typical characteristics of Catana catamarans, some of the safest boats in the world, ensuring peace of mind for the crew in any weather.


Catana10_infustion-296x300What could be more reassuring than stepping aboard an unsinkable boat?

The foam sandwich construction used on all Catanas is greatly superior to other construction methods and creates an incredibly light boat. The density of the material actively contributes to the unsinkable nature of these boats. The foam structure guarantees good shock absorption, even against strong impacts, from the front or the side, letting you continue your voyage in complete safety.
The extensive use of aramid fibre in the Twaron Impact process also contributes to the rigidity of Catana catamarans as well as to shock resistance and lightness. Aramid fibre is ten times more resistant to perforation than traditional fibreglass, enabling the helmsman to continue sailing even after a major impact.

The “crash-boxes”, waterproof compartments fore and aft, prevent any water from entering the living quarters after a major impact. These therefore provide a further guarantee that the boat will not sink.

All three of these advanced construction methods are used simultaneously on all models in the Catana range, offering you the reassurance that your catamaran will never sink on your voyage.


Imagine if you always had fair winds.
Fitted with their famous daggerboards, which can be raised or lowered depending on the wind, Catanas are the best-performing catamarans for tacking into the wind. Lower them, hoist the mainsail and the first foresail and beat into the wind at angles of up to 35° to 40°. So you can get back to port by the shortest route if the weather changes, and avoid using the engines over long stretches when you are in the middle of the ocean.

Sailing close-hauled on your Catana is therefore not only possible but also highly efficient, allowing you to venture out on longer voyages in complete safety without having to worry about the weather changing or running out of fuel.

The daggerboards are just as important during heavy weather. The helmsman can choose to raise them any at time, enabling the boat to glide over the waves instead of being capsized by them, and avoiding the well-known “trip” effect. Thanks to its adjustable daggerboards, your Catana glides over the sea, away from the most powerful waves.

Bulb and tulip-shaped bows:

Catana33_bulb-and-tulip-shaped-bows1-296x300The particularly well-designed bow of your Catana is bulb-shaped underneath the waterline and opens up like a tulip at the top.

This unique shape improves the movement of the boat during heavy weather.

The bulb shape increases the volume of the hull at the front and also increases buoyancy. This creates more resistance against pitching movements and against submersion in particular.

High freeboard:

All Catanas are fitted with a high freeboard.

This is a guarantee of safety since it prevents waves from reaching the deck and damaging equipment. The crew can move freely about the deck without having to worry about being hit by a wave.

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