Due to the complex and unique nature of charter boat finance, we believe in partnering with people and companies who have the highest levels of experience and expertise in the field of charter boat ownership. When it comes to finance and overall understanding of the financial and business aspects of charter yacht ownership, we cannot go past the team at Finlease.

Finlease is a specialised Finance Broking Group arranging over $350 million p/a in finance for all manner of equipment and is the major provider of charter boat finance in Australia. The principal of Finlease, Mark O’Donoghue has 15 years experience in arranging charter boat finance and can facilitate all aspects of the finance process for charter boats including importation and construction as a part of the long term loan structures.

The finance arrangements offered by Finlease utilise the boat as the only security required for the loan and Finlease provide finance approvals as competitive alternatives to the traditional banks who often seek real estate security for charter boat loans.

Typical Finance Structures

Typically, charter boat owners will pay for their boats through one of the following structures:-

  1. Simply use existing funds to pay for the boat
  2. Use equity in the existing properties to pay for the boat via “redraw / line of credit” facilities
  3. Use a dedicated boat loan (which is similar to a car loan) where a portion of the boat’s cost (usually up to 80%) can be financed over a 5 year term with a residual of 40% which can be refinanced over a subsequent 4 or 5 year term
  4. Use a hybrid combination of some of the above structures (eg. part cash / part mortgage or part mortgage / part boat loan etc)

Finlease can provide “pre-approved” facilities that enable potential charter boat buyers to confidently further investigate these attractive charter boat business opportunities knowing that funding is in place should they wish to proceed. There is no cost for this service with the added benefit that clients are dealing with a finance organisation which has an intimate understanding of all aspects of the charter boat industry.

Finally, Finlease will provide potential charter boat buyers with an interactive spreadsheet business model which will assist buyers evaluate the economic aspects of their proposed purchase at many levels including:

  • Annual finance costs versus expected incomes;
  • Appropriate levels of debt required to potentially comply with the various tax profiles;
  • Annual after tax cost estimations;
  • End of term circumstance overviews if boats sold, upgraded or retained for private use.

Finlease is unable to provide formal tax advice, however can assist in providing a clear understanding of the above in order for potential charter boat buyers to make informed decisions with the assistance of their own independent accounting advice.

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