How To Register Your Boat – New Zealand Citizens

The process of registering your New or Pre-Owned multihull in New Zealand can vary depending on your intended area of navigation.

Please keep in mind that this information is general in nature and may not be relevant to your situation.


  • If you are buying a boat in New Zealand and plan to use your boat in New Zealand waters only, you are not required to register your boat.
  • If you are buying your boat in New Zealand and your area of navigation is cruising offshore, you are required to register your boat with the New Zealand Register of Ships, known as Part B Registration.
  • If you are purchasing your boat overseas you are required to register your boat with the New Zealand Register of Ships, known as Part B Registration.


Part B Registration:

  • provides a ship with New Zealand nationality when it goes on overseas voyages.
  • protects a ship’s name for as long as it is registered.
  • lasts for five years but can be renewed if none of the details have changed.

For more information about Part B Registration, visit the Maritime NZ Website.

To Apply for Part B Registration, click here to download the Application Form.


  • New Zealand-owned pleasure vessel going overseas
  • A ship where the majority of the ship’s 64 shares are owned by a foreign national who is entitled to reside in New Zealand indefinitely under the Immigration Act 2009 – that is, a permanent resident.
  • The vessel must be navigating overseas

Note that the ships name must be approved by the register of ships: Click here to perform a Name Search


The ownership of the vessel must meet one of the criteria listed below:

  • Owned by one or more New Zealand nationals. The owner could be an individual citizen or an organisation incorporated under New Zealand law.
  • Owned by three or more persons jointly and the majority of those persons are New Zealand nationals.
  • Owned by two or more persons as individuals where the majority of the shares in the ship are owned by one or more New Zealand nationals.
  • Owned jointly by a New Zealand citizen and a permanent resident.
  • Owned by a permanent resident and another person as individuals where the permanent resident owns the majority of the shares.


You should start the process of obtaining insurance quotes now so you have an idea of the costs involved, it will give you a chance to shop around, and in some cases, insurance may be required before you can complete your registration.

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