5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Investing in a Charter Boat

There is a perception that sailing is for those who have made their money and can afford to spend long months exploring exotic waters. This is because it takes more than just cash to own a boat – you need to have the time to really enjoy it. It’s a sad sight to behold a beautiful yacht lying unused in a marina.

This is one of the reasons why charter boats have become so popular with busy sailors. They are, essentially, the investment real estate of the nautical world. Instead of purchasing a boat and putting it to use only two or three times per year, you can rent it out to charterers. That way, you’re making money back on your charter investment and you’re saving the boat from a sedentary life.

Is a Charter Boat Right For You?  

A majority of boat owners stand to significantly benefit from charter investment because only a small proportion have the time to dedicate themselves completely to a cruising life. So, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a lot out of the arrangement, more than you would if you were to purchase a yacht and leave it tied up in the dock for months at a time. Charter investment means you can enjoy holidays aboard your boat in beautiful cruising grounds until a time when you’re ready for full-time yacht ownership. This is a great way to get to know your boat completely and prepare for life onboard.

Where Will I Keep My Boat?

The good news is that there’s no end to the number of amazing locations for charter boats. Multihull Solutions is affiliated with several of the world’s leading charter companies and can help place your multihull in the best location.

What Kind of Boat Makes a Great Charter Vessel?

Multihull Solutions has been supplying the charter industry with multihulls for more than 25 years. We know which vessels are best for charter and stand to generate the most profit for their owners. Fountaine Pajot Catamarans outperform all other brands when it comes to long-term value and charter potential, and charter operators would love to see more of this shipyard’s models in their fleets. These beautiful multihulls are easy to handle, offer plenty of space, and can be anchored close to the shore. Your choice must fit the broadest target market of charterer to be successful. Click here to find out more about our Fountaine catamarans, and talk to our team to find out which model is most highly sought and will suit your plans.

What do I need to option my new boat with?

Your new boat will have myriad options for you to add; the trick in the charter investment business is to make sure you remove personal emotion and select only items necessary for charter use. Multihull Solutions can help you with this. Then, at the end of the charter period, you can add your extra items such as dive tanks, generators etc that are generally not required for week-long charters. Your gear will also be the latest available in the market.

It is also important to keep in mind the resale value when taking the entire investment into account. Generally, charterers are looking for four-cabin catamarans. However, a three-cabin or Owner’s-version catamaran will have better resale, so it’s a case of weighing it up.

Will My Boat Be Kept in Good Condition?

If you choose you charter company carefully, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s being cared for properly over the (typical) five-year charter period. Multihull Solutions can help you find a reliable charter company, which will handle all of the logistics associated with chartering and make sure that maintenance and repairs are of a high quality. You should talk to the people responsible for your boat on a regular basis (usually over the phone) and personally inspect it at least twice a year.

It is also important to purchase a brand that has excellent after-sales service for any warranty, spare parts and support from the supplier. This is critical for the success of your investment and for the charter operator to deliver the revenue expectations.

For more information and advice on charter investment, contact Multihull Solutions today on +61 (0) 5452 5164 or send us an enquiry. Our team have a combined 25+ years in the international charter industry and are the leading suppliers to the Australian yacht charter industry. You can trust our experience and expertise.

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