2021 Multihull Solutions Phuket Regatta Makes Waves

The 2021 Multihull Solutions Phuket Regatta has wrapped for another year with the event hailed a great success by the 14 boats participating in four classes.

Participants experienced the full spectrum of weather in the three-day event held from 9-12 July, from soft to hard pounding rain; no wind to heavy gusts; calm water to large swells; and sunny blue skies versus overcast grey cloud cover.

The four classes competing at this year’s regatta included:

  • Class 1 Racing Multihulls with valid OMR ratings
  • Class 2 Firefly 850 Sports One Design
  • Class 3 Cruising Multihulls without OMR ratings
  • Class 4 Corsair Pulse 600 Class

A huge congratulations to Warwick Downes’ Bonza for winning the 2021 Multihull Solutions Regatta for the second time in four years, although in 2018 the trimaran was called Fugazi. Ironically, this year it edged out Dan Fidock’s new Fugazi (two fewer points) to capture the prestigious OMR Multihull Class and win the championship.

The six-boat Multihull Cruising (PHC class) saw Rick Fielding’s Pulse Yellow (Mick “Octopus” Kealy & Rick “Mojo” Fielding) take the top spot with Pulse Grey (Simon Boyd & Roger Cox & Steve Gorton) in second, Pulse Blue (Paul “Flatty” Baker & Mathias Bernsletter) in third and Charles Robinson’s Star Trek (Robinson, himself, being a Multihull Solutions sales consultant) in fourth. Pulse Red (Rick Delaney, Apple Vimonchandr & Gregory Morozov) had a tough regatta as it couldn’t even reach the start line on the last morning, let alone the finish line, and as a result of its broken rudder on day one could only get in one race during the regatta. Bill Kane and his crew on The Sting registered but decided to sit out the regatta due to the rough weather.

The three-boat Racing Monohull class saw Niels Degenkolw do what he does best – win as Phoenix captured three of the five races in the division. Andrew McDermott’s Jessandra II, and its predominately female crew, gave them a good run for their money though, coming in second, winning two races. The rough weather made it very hard for Martyn Henman’s Second Nature, the other boat in the class, to compete and keep up. The standings were the same for the three-boat class when performance handicap (PHS) was factored in.

Congratulations to the Phuket Yacht Club and Commodore Scott Duncanson for staging a great regatta, giving participants the opportunity for some fun and excitement out on the water during these turbulent times.



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