NEEL 47 wins 2019 ARC+ Rally

NEEL Trimarans continues to prove its multihulls are some of the finest in the world after its NEEL 47 won the prestigious 2019 ARC+ rally. 

The NEEL 47 Minimole finished first overall in the ARC+ rally on 3 December after her Italian crew completed the 12-day crossing of the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Caribbean, via the Cape Verde archipelago, beating the runner-up by 35 miles.

Minimole had already finished first (all categories combined) on the first stage of the rally between the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands.

Three NEEL trimarans were racing in this year’s rally, with a German crew on the NEEL 51 SAN finishing fourth and the Norwegian crew of the NEEL 51 finishing sixth in the Multihull category.

NEEL Trimarans have an impressive record in the ARC rally with the NEEL 45 also winning the Multihull category in 2015.

The ARC+ is an internationally renowned rally organised by the World Cruising Club, attracting approximately one hundred boats each year to sail the 2700 nautical miles across the Atlantic.

For more information on NEEL Trimarans, click here.

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