Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Eight for 2012

Posted: 28th August 2012.

Dobar dan everyone,

After leaving Venice, we sailed (motored) to Novi Grad on the Istrian peninsula, picking up a mooring buoy and completing the checking in procedures the next morning without any problem. So it was a quick visit around town and a first look at Croatia for Ross, Karen, Claire and Katrina. We had a brief attempt at spinnaker sailing and ended up in Luka Crvar, surrounded by lots of nudies (sorry no photos as we did not want to be so indiscreet). I must say though that Katrina and Claire had an interesting rating system (not sure what Katrina meant when she said “yes he is definitely a 10 when the nude guy in the runabout that was about 30mtrs away turned and faced us. This was followed by Claire declaring maybe even a 10.5. Was that a rating or a …..ment?)

That evening was dinner ashore and it was carnivore heaven. They had pig and lamb on the spit. Most of our meals so far in Croatia, you had to order the meat and then you ordered the vegetables separately. So this we dutifully did and the waiter encouraged us to have an entree of prosciutto and cheese, which we did and then our mains came out. Now we had ordered two plates of beans, a green salad, baked potatoes and a cabbage salad amongst six of us to accompany our meat which arrived already surrounded by vegetables. We waddled back to Midi with our doggy bag of meat and spud and I swear Midi groaned and sunk a good few centimeters as we climbed aboard.

Read full story here. (PDF 300kb)


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