Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Nine – update from Greece

Posted: 27th September 2012.

Here is a snippet from Bruce and Lesley onboard Midi currently cruising the bay of Monemvasia, on the south eastern end of the Peloponnisos peninsula (Greece mainland).

Next we headed off in the direction on the island of Spetsai via the island of Hydra (flies galore). Our pilot book describes this area, as the Greek Riviera and as we dodged our way through all the mini ships that were whizzing by, we just looked in wonder and decided to find somewhere else to anchor, away from Onassis types that abounded. I don’t know what it is but the bigger the boat, the less they think they have to obey maritime rules and many a time, as a boat roared by, we had to dive below and secure things so they would not get broken by the sea churned up by these ignorant wallies. It so amuses us to watch these huge craft, with the crew working furiously around the owner male, talking on his cell phone and the owner female, lying back on the lounger, reading her book and neither of them batting an eyelid as to the work that goes on around them.

Read full update here.


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