Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 “Midi” – Midi’s Meanderings Part Three

Posted: 25th May 2012.

Here is our latest coming to you from Galaxidhi in the Gulf of Corinth. I hope you all realise and appreciate how hard we have to work to bring you these epistles whilst you are relaxing at home.

Trust this finds you all fit and well and enjoying life!

Cheers,  Bruce & Lesley Tebbutt

Yasas everyone!

Since the last time we wrote we have visited a few more Greek islands that we have not seen before. So many islands end in –os that they all start to merge in to one. We visited Ios then it was off to Kimolos where we walked up to the chora (old village). I don’t know about these Greeks. They built their villages on the highest point possible. I know it was to keep the marauding invaders away but in 2012 if the punters have to sweat their way up the hill, you would think they would ensure that the shops were open when they got there!

I did notice this interesting way of getting around the nuisance of having a tree growing right where you want to build a wall – no problem – don’t cut it down, just build the wall with the tree growing through it! On the way back to the boat, we spotted this little owl who forgot that it was supposed to come out at night!

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