Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 – Midi’s Meandering Part 7, 2015

Gunaydin everyone.Midi's part 7a

Yes we are back in Turkey and this will be our last newsletter for the year as we prepare Midi for her winter stay at Marmaris. But backtracking a bit. The last time we wrote we were having our enforced stay in Paros, whilst waiting for our genoa to be repaired and it duly turned up within the week time-frame that we were quoted. Great service – it was sent by ferry to Athens to be repaired and returned for the princely sum of €90, including freight!

So it was off to Naxos where we anchored by the main port. A bit heart-in-mouth stuff (for me) as the fast ferries manoeuvred very close to where we were anchored. Those ferry captains are so good at getting their ferries in, unloaded – reloaded and then off to the
next destination – quick smart. We spent a couple of days here –Bruce even managing to catch two of the RWC matches. I headed into town around 8pm to the only bar showing rugby that I had found. Sat next to a young couple from London on holiday and he was Sth African (we caught the end of the SA v Samoa match and he didn’t want to talk about the Japan game) and then the English Welsh match. Lots of Poms watching and they were so sure that they would win so some very glum faces at the end of the match. Of course I backed Wales and just had to poke them a little. A very entertaining evening.

Midi's part 7Next it was off to the island of Amorgos, where we anchored at Katapola and on going ashore, met up with Vanessa and John, an English couple that we had not seen since leaving Turkey. So it was great times with them as we caught up with them on their travels and people that we have in common. The weather was a bit dodgy (the meltemi was blowing so 30knot NNW winds were enough to persuade us to stay in port), so to stop us being boat-bound, we hired a car – €20 for the day. Amorgos is not the prettiest of islands, in fact it was really barren but we managed to find some picturesque spots.

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