Helia 44 “Larrikin” update from Staniel Cay, Bahamas

Staniel Cay, Bahamas.

We were anchored over white sand for as far as the eye could see with the water around us turquoise and crystal clear.

We visited the Staniel Yacht Club and resort. With so many large and fancy ‘super’ yachts around we expected to find a modern, thriving hub. But it was small, island style, quaint and nowhere near as sophisticated as we thought it would be. Nothing here is – but I guess that is the charm about the area and the way the locals want to keep it.

It’s mostly scrubby vegetation on flat islands and not much more than the occasional resort or (huge) private home. We let our imaginations go as we wonder which celeb owns what, because apparently THEY do.

We were told that Nicholas Cage bought an island not knowing that it was home to iguanas that are protected and so he was unable to build or develop the island at all. Someone didn’t do their homework! He subsequently sold it back at a much reduced price – so the story goes!

Anyway, after visiting the Yacht Club (which boasts being host to the actors and film crew of the James Bond film ‘Thunderball’, IN 1964 mind you! Lol) we took the dinghy a short distance away to the Grotto that featured in that move all those years ago.

We tied the dinghy to the rocks on the edge of the small island, or rather small rocky outcrop, and put on our snorkelling gear and jumped in. We could see other people in the water and so we followed in that direction over sand, coral and the most fish we have seen so far. There was an opening where we could just squeeze under the overhanging rock (it was low tide and although the tides are not very big, we could see that when the water is higher you would have to dive under to swim through the opening into the space on the other side) and as we swam colourful fish swarmed around us. Inside there is a naturally formed cave with a few holes in the overhanging roof which let in rays of light.

It was magic, and in the water under us fish circled and kept us company. It was possible to exit through another gap on the other side or swim through some tight passages which proved to be a thrill as the fish life hiding in the nooks and crevices swayed in the current and were fascinating to see.

Man, I wish our girls were with us there!

Gordon and Louise

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