Helia 44 “Larrikin” update from Nassau, Bahamas

An update from Gordon and Louise Coates from onboard their Helia 44, “Larrikin”.

We have arrived in Nassau.

We can see why the Spanish named this shallow area jutting out of the ocean “Bajamar” meaning low tide. An incredible spectrum of colours ranging from pale aquas of the shallow banks to deeper teal, and then the midnight blues of the deeper ocean are a sight to see. The water colours combined with sparkling beaches, swaying palms and azure skies makes the Bahamas a true paradise.

It is spectacular!

It is in fact an archipelago of about 700 Islands and nearly 2400 cays and rocks. Today about 85 percent of its population are descendants of West African slaves, with the remaining coming from the first English settlers by way of Bermuda, and also the Loyalist expatriate Americans fleeing the American Revolution (who brought their plantation system with its attendant slaves in the late 1700s).
It is estimated that two-thirds of the (approx 303,000) population reside in the capital city, here in Nassau which is where we must check in to carry out our immigration needs in order to enter the United States.

Nassau is certainly a very different place anywhere else we have visited in the Bahamas. More of a city with modern conveniences such as wifi – thus the number of stories suddenly on my fb page! But we are not the only ones visiting. Look at the line up of cruise ships. To get to our spot in the harbour we had to pass by so close, we could have touched them!

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