Latest Launching – Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 – “TigerLily”

Just landed in Brisbane off a ship from France is the new Fountaine Pajot – Orana 44, TigerLily.

Here is a small insight into our newest Fountaine Pajot owners Robyn and Peter Law (plus kids!)

Q. Why did you buy an Orana 44?

This is our first boat; the whole idea of buying a cruising catamaran was actually relatively new for us. We’d looked at several other manufacturers’ models in Sydney, but when we stepped on board the Orana 44 at the 2010 Sydney International Boat Show, we knew it was exactly what we were after. We were impressed with the clever design, build quality, practical layout, style and also the flexibility of customising various options we wanted on the boat.

Q. Why did you choose the name TigerLily?

It was a long process. We were looking for a name that had ‘cats’ in their theme, but all the good ideas seemed to have already been taken. We then considered Aboriginal names but couldn’t make a decision, so returned to the cat theory. The word ‘Tiger’ worked for us, but we decided to add “Lily” to soften the tone. We think that TigerLily has a nice masculine/feminine balance to it.

Q. What are your sailing plans?

We bought TigerLily primarily for our retirement. We want to do coastal cruising initially, then we’ll cruise the Pacific, and from there we will sail wherever the wind blows us (as long as there is surf as well!)

More to come on TigerLily once she hits the water and starts cruising our shores.

To check out more details on the Orana 44 – click here.

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