Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 – Arrival in Barcelona

A fantastic example for other female cruisers, Fillipina recently taken ownership of a Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41. Despite having never sailed offshore, Fillipina completed a Yachtmaster certificate after purchasing the catamaran and is looking forward to cruising the Mediterranean for 2-3 months each year. Taking delivery of the Lipari from the Fountaine Pajot factory in France, she intends to take a skipper with her for six weeks after La Rochelle, but will embark on solo sailing adventures after this time. Fillipina’s employers currently cruise the Med on a Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera 60, and she was motivated to purchase her own catamaran to combine being closer to them for work as well as enjoying unforgettable cruising adventures.

Here is Fillipina’s latest update:

Posted: 14 August 2011

Hi Mark and Patrick,

Arrived in Barcelona yesterday morning. It certainly has been an incredible journey. Sailing day and night. 2 x 2 hour shifts at night (on my own!) – sailing through thick fog and rain. We had 32 knot winds which lasted for 2 straight days after we crossed the Strait of Gibraltar. Thought the boat was going to break in 2 when it hit the waves! Nelson assured me that it was perfectly safe and that the boat was designed to take a lot more punishment! Alain insisted that I buy wet weather gear when he took me shopping in La Rochelle. It certainly got put to good use. It was very cold and wet up at the helm during the night, especially when we were sailing during 32 knot winds. Got absolutely drenched!

I have to say that I actually enjoyed the night sailing. I got to test my sailing skills. Learnt a lot more than when there is someone there beside you telling you what to do.

Saw lots of dolphins which came to play along the side and under the boat. Even saw a few pilot whales. Nelson had his fishing line hooked to the stern of the boat and he caught 3 mackerels – 2 along the Spanish coastline and 1 along the Portuguese coastline. Fish for dinner those nights!

I think the highlight for me was crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful morning. I had the 10pm to 12.00 midnight and 4.00am to 6.00am shift that night. Nelson was supposed to take over at 6.00am but slept through so I continued the watch. It was just beautiful! Europe on one side and Africa on the other. I saw the sun rise and there were even a few dolphins swimming in the water. It really was a beautiful sight.

Stephane came up at 8.00 to take over and I sent him back to his cabin. I continued the watch!!

Stephane left yesterday to return to Paris. Nelson and I will depart tomorrow morning sailing along the coastline heading for Nice. This time though it is going to be just day sailing, anchoring, swimming and maybe taking the dinghy to shore for either lunch or dinner. A much more relaxed pace.

Will keep in touch.

Best wishes,


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