Lucia 40 Let’s Dance | Blog #3: It’s a Date, Let’s Dance

April 27, 2016

By Michael

Yeah, we finally have a date for our boat completion and handover, marking the start of our adventure into the world of ocean cruising on board our new home Let’s Dance.  We had been expecting a departure in April/May, however production of the new model Lucia 40 has had its delays and we now fly out on 21 June, just 8 weeks away.M&M3

To say we are excited would be the understatement of the century, mixed also with a healthy dose of apprehension and perhaps even a little bit of ‘far out, what the hell are we doing?’

 So what have we been doing since our last blog – well I know its sounds crazy but I have been learning to sail.  Sailing 101.  First, I did a competent crew course, I followed up with some shore-based training on rules and regulations (the stuff that keeps you safe) before completing my marine radio operator’s certificate.  And finally I have done two seven night sails up and down the coast, earning the right to call myself an offshore skipper!  There you have it, I can now sail around the world!M&M 33

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