Orana 44 “Midi” enjoying the Turkish Coast

New Zealand couple Bruce and Lesley Tebbutt purchased their Orana 44 in 2009. After picking their new catamaran up from the Foutaine Pajot factory in La Rochelle, France they have enjoyed some magnificent cruising in the Mediterranean.

Here is their latest update from Turkey …

Well merhaba folks,

Yes, it’s that time again. We are back on board “Midi”, in the water at Marmaris, Turkey and awaiting our first visitors, John and Erin, who arrive tomorrow.

After another good flight on Korean Air, we arrived back to Midi, on the hard. which I do not enjoy. We were somewhat jaded so took a few days to get up to speed. Picture this – it’s 2am in the morning Turkey time but my bladder thinks it is 7am Kiwi time. Bugger. Up I get and get dressed – down the ladder I go and across the hard stand to the nearest loo. What a performance to spend a penny. And it is cold out of the water so you need to spend quite a few pennies during the day, I can tell you! Never mind – we survived and managed to get quite a bit done before being hoisted in the big travel lift and put back in the water (a day late so Turkish time I guess). There has been much swearing and grunting and groaning as Bruce fixes/replaces/cleans things. There has been so much cleaning after workmen doing their things and the southerly wind which brings the brown dust which mixes ever so nicely with rain to form a brown sludge over the boat which needs to be cleaned off pronto as it stains. A little bit of polishing has been done but not enough so oh joy, I still have that to look forward to.

Main problems we have come back to have been a dodgy VHF which despite replacing the antenna including cable we still have problems. Just took it back to a guy who had already repaired it and he told me he could do nothing and gave me the 40 euros back that I had already paid! I think he wanted to sell me a new one! So it does work but with minimal volume but it does transmit and also the AIS receiver in it is not working. Think this maybe down to the fact that I have discovered a rather large void at the rear of the instrument panel which it turns out is open to the anchor locker and allows moisture to find it’s way into the rear of the panel. I am sure Fountaine Pajot had a good reason for leaving this like this but can’t think what it would be. Also found that our camping gas regulator had siezed and can’t be replaced here. So have had to change to a Turkish one which is fine for the BBQ but wont be any good if I need it for the main gas to the oven. I am sure something will work out. However we are rapt with the teak cockpit and our Sun covers over the windows. They were an especially good job done by a couple that live on their yacht in the marina. Also had various warranty issues resolved by the local agent including replacing a section of the non skid on the deck and they have done an amazing job. Apart from the fact that section of deck is now pristine white and the rest is an off whiter yellowy colour (they need a good clean) you can’t tell the difference.

It has been lovely catching up with familiar faces back here but once again too social. Before we left NZ, we both visited our lovely GP (Dr Nigel Cane) in Kerikeri and he said to me that he wanted me to lose a kilo a month until we get home. He said the mediterranean diet would be perfect for me. I don’t think he counted on the cruising-in-the-mediterranean-diet which includes copious amounts of alcohol and nibbles but I valiantly went out and bought a set of Turkish scales which I must admit, are not any kinder than the Kiwi ones but cost a lot less.

We have had several meals at the restaurant and Bruce has been doing the manly thing at Happy Hour, where there is cheap beer (3 lira per half litre about $2.70NZD so have to drink lots). I might point out at this stage that Dr Nigel suggested that lowering Bruce’s alcohol consumption would be propitious. Sorry Dr Nigel. We have had fellow kiwi yachties on board and I might tell you a good time was had by all (sorry Dr Nigel). No celebrating Easter here as it is Muslim but I did force myself to buy a chocolate bar or two (sorry Doc) and on Saturday it was a big hoo-ha here at the Marina restaurant for St George’s Day (patron saint of England) so it was roast beef and Yorkshire puds and all the trimmings and we had an Anzac table there, much to the disgust of some the Poms, so once again, sorry Doc.

Anzac Day itself, saw us on board Stormvogel, a 72 foot yacht, skippered by a 26 year old Kiwi, Ian. It was Stormvogel’s 50th birthday so with 14 kiwis, 3 poms (wannabe-kiwis), 1 Aussie (very loud mouthed) and 1 Malaysian, we had a rip snorter of an afternoon out. Sorry Doc. Very impressed by Ian’s ability to get such a big boat into such small places. This was the yacht that featured in the movie Dead Calm with Nicole Kidman & Sam Niell.

It is so good to hear every one’s stories of where they have been and what we have got to look forward to. At this stage, we intend to stick to the Turkish coast, heading north to Istanbul and then possibly in to the Black Sea but you know, plans are meant to be changed, so stay tuned folks and watch this space. Don’t forget to that we have plenty of room onboard should any of you wish to escape the NZ winter. Although it is not much like summer here (still spring) today as it is wet and cool. Might give us a chance to tidy the boat before Erin & John arrive. Thats it from us for now. Hope every body had a very happy Easter back down there. Take care.

Cheers,  Bruce & Lesley Tebbutt

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