Our First Sail, A King, & Parking A Tank

Posted: July 6, 2014.

Sailing Your Boat For the First Time Is Like Being A Old Time Cowboy

Spit In Your Hand And Shake

Like any classic American movie scene, sailing Miss Catana is as good as spitting and shaking to close the deal.

The deal is done.

Miss Catana is officially complete and our new home. Well complete with a few minor adjustments off course. No boat will come out of a building yard perfect there are always little things to fix and adjust. This is the current process along with test sailing the boat.

(I wonder what the French would think if I did spit in my hand and put it out there for a good hard shake? It certainly would raise the bar from yogurt container glass jars.)

The Sailing Of Miss Catana

The day had arrived after years of planning and dreaming.

The agenda was to have four days of varying length with a professional skipper to show us the ropes, literally, The weather for those four days was perfect. Each day the wind was forecast to get progressively stronger. Ideal for learning as our skills increased.

Day one minutes before we set off, Vivian arrived with the boat’s Registration Papers, or the boats passport from Australia. Perfect timing for an Australian flag on the maiden voyage!

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