Sailing On Empty | A Poem by David Brunt

Thank you to David Brunt, on his Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 for sharing this beautiful little poem written while crossing the Bay of Biscay on their maiden voyage, the sea was flat calm and the fuel was nearing towards empty…

“Sailing on Empty”

Alone with the dawn on a wide empty sea,
these thoughts first arose in me.
Though there are many gifts we can value, this is the key,
the ones most valuable are free.

The sea, the waves, the wind, the stars,
the earth, the moon and the sun.
God’s gifts for all to enjoy and see,
it’s there before our life’s begun.

In our sail through life you can value your health,
you can value your family and friends.
Through fun times and sad we should all be glad
To enjoy the whole world lest it ends!

So don’t think you are sailing on empty,
If your world seems lonely and grey,
Appreciate all that’s around you,
It’s there and amazing – day, by every single day!

David Brunt June 2019
Bay of Biscay

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