Update from The Larrikin – leading the pack for the Atlantic Odyssey crossing!

An update from Gordon and Louise Coates and Phil Treloar onboard their Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 crossing the Atlantic.

Just a quick hello from us as we make our way across the Atlantic.

Gordo on the helm
Gordo on the helm

We departed Lansarote on the 16th Nov and have now covered well over 1000nm. We were third across the start flying the ParaSailor chute, very colourful. With good weather resources and sound decision making we are currently well in front of a group of 33 other boats that include a German Frers 53, Catana 42 and 48, three Lagoon 400′s, a Outremer 55 to name just a few. The He’lia 44 is performing very well and we are currently in the a trades with 18kts from behind cruising along at 8+ kts. We have completed four days over 200nm and looking forward to a few more.

We can be followed via the tracking link from the Cornell Sailing Group site for the Atlantic Odyssey crossing.

We will be arriving in Martinique early December. We plan to leave the boat there for a few months for a visit home before returning to explore the Leeward Is, BVI and the Bahamas next year.

Must get the fishing rod ready for some more Mahi Mahi, but only possible if the boat slows down, these Helia’s just cruise sooooo fast!

Cheers Gordo.
The Larrikin – Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

News Flash….

As we sat down for a quiet lunch, walnut salad,I happened to glance back toward the area our lure was trolling. To my amazement I could see this large fish outline of dorsal and tail fin making it’s way across the swell top toward the lure. I leapt up and took the rod out of the holder and sat down on the aft step to foredeck area and held on hoping for a strike…Well it hit and the game was on, the line was peeling off faster than was comfortable, more drag applied and thumb pressure onto the line also, finally stopping the run out with bare metres left on the spool.

Phil and Louise meanwhile were busy starting engines and snuffing the spinnaker so as to slow the boat and allow me to slowly recover some line. Metre by metre the line came back onto the reel until we could see colour and size, we were amazed to see the most beautiful fish of over two metres and a vivid blue and silver grey, blue marlin come toward the transom. I handed the rod to Phil and as he kept the fish near the stern I managed to gaff and land the fish, anaesthetic was administered along with a healthy serving of Vodka. We managed to fillet and freezer bag and clean up the mess in no time then resumed sailing…. Wow what a beautiful fish.. About 40kg and 2.1m long. So fish for our friends when they arrive in Martinique.

Cheers from a happy fisherman and crew.


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