Buyer Broker Service

The Multihull Solutions Buyer Broker Program has been exclusively tailored for clients who are looking at buying a multihull which is not listed with Multihull Solutions.

About buying through a broker:

So, you’ve been through our listings, but we don’t have quite what you’re looking for?  That’s ok! We can help you find the perfect multihull to suit your needs, either locally or abroad.

The advantage of having us on your side is that you will have a qualified specialist dedicated to defending your interest, helping and guiding you through the whole buying process.

Selling brokers can be eager to push their product onto you, whether the boat is the perfect fit for you or not. If you have your own buyer broker in your corner, we will know when to push back and who to speak to on your behalf.

We have decades of experience dealing in multihulls, which means you will benefit from the know-how of an experienced broker, who is an expert in multihulls and will do all necessary due diligence. This includes checking the inventory, location, history and condition of the boat for you. Sometimes, we can even access warranty claims to see if there are any issues worth raising.

Once we have been able to confirm that the boat is the right choice for you,  we will help you negotiate the price and draft the appropriate offer on our letterhead with corresponding conditions aimed at protecting you. Plus, the deposit will be kept in our holding account, which offers invaluable security and peace of mind.

The next step will be the inspection, which we will accompany you on so that we can point out any issues that you might possibly overlook. We will then guide you through the survey/sea trial process. If any issues arise from the survey ,we will address it accordingly and renegotiate the purchase price for you if required.

Last, but not least, we will be a part of the handover process to ensure you enjoy the most stress-free and satisfactory experience.

What are the costs to you?

This is the best part: there is no cost to you! We will share the available commission with the seller’s broker.

The only condition attached is that we have to make first contact to the selling broker on your behalf. In other words, we need to introduce you to the selling broker. If you make direct contact, we may be refused the right to share in the available commission and will be unable to assist you throughout the process at no charge.

In this case, we may still be able to help, but we will have to charge you for the service. Cost will depend on the work required.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Buyer Broker program and we would be delighted to tailor an exclusive program for you.

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For more information on our Buyer Broker Program, please contact us on 1300 855 338 or enquire below.

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