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multihul_show (16 of 28) copyWe would like to introduce the Multihull Solutions Buyer Broker Program, tailored for clients who are looking at buying a multihull from overseas.

About buying from overseas:

It can be very easy to be seduced by a cheap boat for sale somewhere on the other side of the world. While attracted by the idea of nabbing an overseas bargain, many people have seen their dreams fall apart when confronted with the reality of unforeseen issues and unexpected costs.

Many buyers often don’t realise that they face a mountain of challenges when they consider buying a supposedly cheap boat from overseas: the ‘real’ costs of travel, the risks of offshore purchasing processes, the expense of replacing old equipment, the issues of moving a boat thousands of miles, arranging insurance, duty, GST, gas and electrical conversions, managing breakdowns and dealing with language translation difficulties, and the list goes on.

By the time they get their supposed bargain home, they’ve blown their budget and are embittered by the experience.

After hearing numerous buyers experience the perils of purchasing a cheap boat from overseas, Multihull Solutions has implemented our innovative “Buyer Broker Program” to help clients obtain a cost-efficient boat that meets their requirements, but without the pitfalls.

How the Buyer Broker program works:

The program involves our team first sitting down with you and getting to fully understand what you’re looking for in a boat and what your budget and time frame is. We can also help you understand the hidden costs involved, so if you do decide to go ahead you make that decision with all the facts at hand, not blindly buying something that is not as it seems from the outset causing you unnecessary grief during a purchase that should be enjoyable.

Through our extensive worldwide network of brokerage partners, we can also locate several suitable options from Australia or overseas.

If you decide to proceed with the purchase of a boat, Multihull Solutions (acting purely on your behalf) helps negotiate the best price, a smooth transaction, assists with tracing the history of your chosen boat with the manufacturers, the survey stages, and even arranges competitively priced shipping and insurance as required.

The Multihull Solutions Buyer Broker Program also offers the peace of mind of holding client deposits in local accounts, rather than with unknown overseas agents.

How much does it cost to have Multihull Solutions act on my behalf?

The Multihull Solutions Boat Buyer Program is a completely free service for you, the buyer.

The selling broker simply shares their commission with Multihull Solutions, so you don’t face any unexpected fees. Clients typically end up saving money by dealing with us instead of trying to source a cheap boat themselves.

The Multihull Solutions Boat Buyer Program has already proven to be immensely popular with several clients having negotiated successful purchases of pre-owned boats with the company.

Multihull Solutions has rigorous criteria for listing brokerage boats, ensuring we only agree to sell top quality pre-owned catamarans from a range of manufacturers that are realistically priced to meet the current market conditions.

10 Reasons to use the Buyer Broker Program when looking at buying from overseas:

  1. Multihull Solutions specialises in multihulls and deals with many of the larger builders, so we know more about the boat you want to buy;
  2. We are part of an international network of agents and have access to their lists of pre-owned boat stock (sometimes well before it gets advertised to the general public), so you get more choice;
  3. We know the pitfalls of importation into this region, and so our experience will save you all the heartache and pain. When we help you find an overseas boat that you like, we can provide the actual costs you’ll incur to get the boat to your home port, there’s no nasty surprises along the way.
  4. Being part of the international brokerage network of many of the largest yards in the world, we are able to do HIN (Hull Identity Number) searches to get the background to any boat. This includes all warranty claims and any potential major damage issues, plus often we can get engine history etc.
  5. Acting on your behalf, we are able to ensure you don’t sign a problematic contract with an overseas seller. With our solid experience, we ensure that any contracts you sign are favourable to you, not the seller.
  6. We take the stress out of importing your boat into the region. Our experience and knowledge of Customs departments and their requirements means we can help with the paperwork and procedures to get your boat here smoothly.
  7. We minimise financial risks by acting as the local holder of any deposits. Knowing your deposit and settlement monies are held securely with a local and reputable company provides invaluable peace of mind.
  8. If you know the brand and model of catamaran you are looking for, just tell us the details and let us find the best quality boat at the best price for you. With our network of contacts, we can also provide a local surveyor to provide a full report on the boat before you commit.
  9. Our helpful sales team will discuss your boating plans, providing comprehensive advice on what brands and models of cat might be most suitable for your needs. We aren’t one of those brokers that just try and sell you something from their current stock.
  10. It’s free – it doesn’t cost a cent!

Buying from overseas article:

  • Thinking of Importing Your Next Boat? Click on the following link to read an interesting article by by Caroline Ajootian outlining warning signs of a dodgy deal published in September 2011 Boat U.S. Magazine. Don’t get lured into a deal that is too good.

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For more information on our Buyer Broker Programs please contact us on 1300 855 338 or email us an enquiry.

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