First Aid Training

Our good friends at Heart Training specialises in onboard scenario-based emergency response training and equipment for cruising sailors and superyacht crew. They train on your vessel, in your environment, using your equipment.

As experienced medics as well as qualified shipmasters, they offer a unique insight to tailor the onboard training experience to prepare you for the real thing.  Heart Training provide hands-on, comprehensive medical emergency training scenarios to ensure you and your crew are ready for any situation.

Helmed by experienced ship master Wendy Sullivan, you can rest assured you are in the best hands of the industry. You can see her “First Aid for Cruising” Webinar we did in collaboration with her below.

Location: Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

  • Ensuring an experience that is highly relevant to your crew
  • Ensures your crew know where the vessel’s medical equipment is located
  • Your crew will check that your medical equipment is in working order and practice how to use it
  • Heart Training come to you, when it is convenient for you and your crew
  • Our training is an opportunity to upskill your crew and provide a team-building experience
  • We offer a flexible training format with different training options
  • We have first aid equipment and defibrillator packages tailor made for offshore sailors and remote area voyages

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