Rapido 60: Changing The Game

Morelli & Melvin lean on cutting-edge technology for modern yacht design BY ZUZANA PROCHAZKA for Multihull Sailor Magazine If you’ve watched America’s Cup or grand prix sailboat racing you may have noticed the mindboggling technology that goes into moving a mass of magnificently crafted composite around some buoys or around… read more

Rapido 50 Trimaran Review | Boating NZ

Harnessing the inherent speed in a lightweight carbon trimaran design while still having a spacious cruising boat is the secret of Rapido Trimarans’ success. Years ago, at the start of his new project building larger cruising trimarans, I met and talked with Rapido co-owner, Paul Koch. It was an interesting… read more

Rapido 60 selected to be La Vagabonde III | Multihull World Australia

Young Aussie couple, Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu went from backpackers to superstar sailors via their video posts on YouTube that gleaned them enough subscribers (a staggering 1.6 million) that enables them to sail full time. Recently, their fame was extended when they took teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg across… read more

Rapido 60 | Multihulls World Review

Written for Multihulls World Magazine  Harnessing the Wind Years ago at the start of his new project of building larger cruising trimarans, I met and talked with Rapido co-owner, Paul Koch. It was an interesting conversation, without hyperbole and very factual. It was a very no-nonsense Australian style approach, in… read more

Rapido 60 Trimaran Review | Sailing La Vagabonde

Rapido Trimarans is thrilled to confirm that Sailing La Vagabonde (SLV) will sail the world’s oceans aboard a Rapido 60! In fact, SLV’s video announcing the decision to their 1.59 million subscribers (yes, 1.59m subscribers!) will go live live at 8.30am, Adelaide time in Australia (GMT/UTC +9:30) on 8 June 2021. See… read more

Rapido 50 Trimaran | Multihulls World Review

MULTIHULLS World Magazine has reviewed the Rapido 50 in its Buyer’s Guide 2021. The review is narrated by Rapido Trimarans which has put together this video. More Information Rapido 50 Trimaran Rapido Trimarans

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