Rapido 60 Trimaran Review | Sailing La Vagabonde

Rapido Trimarans is thrilled to confirm that Sailing La Vagabonde (SLV) will sail the world’s oceans aboard a Rapido 60!

In fact, SLV’s video announcing the decision to their 1.59 million subscribers (yes, 1.59m subscribers!) will go live live at 8.30am, Adelaide time in Australia (GMT/UTC +9:30) on 8 June 2021.

See the SLV video embedded below.

Welcome Riley, Elayna, Lenny +1 to the Rapido family!!! It is so good to have you on board!

Who is Sailing La Vagabonde?

SLV comprises an Australian couple, Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu and their son, Lenny. Additionally – and literally – joining the team will be their new-born, any day from now!

Riley and Elayna’s job is to sail the world’s oceans and, each week, bring their adventures to our phones, desktops and iPads via You Tube.

They began documenting their evolving journey on You Tube back in 2014 with a single-hull vessel. After a time, they upgraded to a twin-hulled vessel and, for the last 18-24 months, have been researching which boat would become the future of their sailing story, and proudly wear the title Sailing La Vagabonde III.

As part of their exhaustive selection process, they travelled to New Zealand in December 2019 for a test sail aboard the Rapido 60, Romanza. Owners of Romanza Dougall and Jaz Love were there together with co founder of Rapido Trimarans, Paul Koch. Some photos from that trip are posted below.

Eventually, falling out of Riley and Elayna’s exhaustive selection process was a three-hulled 6o’ (18m) trimaran, the Rapido 60.

Riley and Elayna explain why they chose the Rapido 60 (comments from video above)

But now, let’s hear from Riley and Elayna as to why and how the Rapido 60 met their criteria:

Riley – Rapido offers sailing performance and space

I know that the Rapido sails unbelievably well which is the main thrust behind all of our decision making.

(When we went to New Zealand), I knew it was going to sail well. I knew it was beautiful. I knew it was very well made because I’ve got a lot of respect for the boat builders.

The only thing I was worried about was the amount of space on board.

I jumped onboard (Romanza), ran around and I was like, “Ahhhhhh!, this is perfectly fine!” (Later in video Riley describes the fore cabin as being “massive” with a “huge” bed. “When you’re standing in the saloon, you’re actually standing in a huge room.)






Elayna – Lightning speed at 25.7 knots

She goes at lightning speed. During the test sail, I was at the helm with one hand on the helm and we were going at 25.7 knots! I think I got the top speed for the day!

Riley – Maintaining a speed

25.7 knots – that’s extraordinarily fast. (And) that’s maintaining a speed; not surfing down waves.

Elayna – Just slightly heeling over

That was constant 25.7. In fact I think it was 26.7 but just n case, I will say 25. There you go!

It was fast and I was worried it would really heel over. (But) even at that speed, it was just slightly heeling over.

Riley – I want to be able to go at a good pace safely

I’m much more interested in average crossing times. I mean it’s good fun to go fast but that’s the least important on my list of things. I want to be able to go at a good pace safely.

It felt beyond comfortable.

When we were doing 20 knots, It felt like we were only going 10 – and it felt like we had so much more power just sitting there in reserve.

It felt like we were just ticking along and that is a nice feeling.






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