Seawind Venturer 38 – Boat Review

By David Lockwood If you’re looking to venture out into tropical waters, what better boat for laid-back, low-speed coasting than a cruising power catamaran? David Lockwood tests the Seawind Venturer 38. There’s a place for power catamarans that few other boats can fill, but as cruising conveyances in tropical climes… read more

Seawind 1200 Tec 4 – Boat Review

By David Lockwood The latest evolution in the 1200 series of cruising cats from Seawind is a laid-back, feet-up, chatty kind of boat with the comfort factor set on high, writes David Lockwood Okay, so the wind fizzled and the charter starter sails propelled the eight tonne catamaran to only… read more

Seawind 1160 – Boat Review

By BWS Staff Designed and built in Australia, the new Seawind 1160 is the sister ship to the highly successful Seawind 1000 and 1200. Conceived as a pure cruising boat with excellent performance characteristics, the 1160’s builders set out to create a boat that was light but offshore worthy, simple… read more

Seawind 1160 – A Flirt with Thin Water

By Mark Pillsbury A pair of Seawind catamarans shows their mettle in Florida’s varied waters. All day we’ve eyed the depth sounder and chart plotter as we sail south from Miami’s Dinner Key Marina and keep to the buoys that mark the reefs that lie to the east of Hawk… read more

Seawind 1160 – Award-Winning Concept and Execution

By Jeremy McGeary This cat will appeal to cruisers who want a well-built boat that can sail away in a hurry. Whenever the judges of CW’s Boat of the Year competition last October turned to catamarans, the name Seawind was in the air. A long way from home, the Australian-built… read more

Seawind 1000XL – Sea Change

By Allan Whiting The latest incarnation of the ubiquitous Seawind 1000 is the extended-hull XL. Could this be the quintessential cruising cat? Allan Whiting joined the Coleman family as they trialled their new boat Sea change Seawinds are familiar sights around the Australian coastline and, increasingly, overseas. The 1000 is… read more

Seawind 1000XL – Boat Review

By George Day The Seawind 1000 XL combines modern construction techniques with innovative design to create a cruising cat that is unlike all others in her class. The morning after the recent Newport International Boat show in Newport, R.I., broke clear and bright with the usual fall northerly breeze piping… read more

Seawind 1000XL – A Flirt with Thin Water

By Mark Pillsbury All day we’ve eyed the depth sounder and chart plotter as we sail south from Miami’s Dinner Key Marina and keep to the buoys that mark the reefs that lie to the east of Hawk Channel. The morning began gray and cloudy as the remnants of the… read more

Seawind 1000 – Boat Review by BoatPoint

By David Lockwood Few yachts are better suited to the Aussie lifestyle than the Seawind 1000, a luxurious cruising cat that blends speed and seaworthiness with all the comforts of home. Story: David Lockwood Photos: Action Art Photography Let’s design a sailing boat for the Australian way of life. We’ll… read more

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