A cat or a tri?

By Kevin Jeffrey

Once you’ve made the decision that your cruising boat will be a multihull, the next step is to determine how many hulls it should have.

Most prospective multihull buyers have a subconscious preference for catamarans or trimarans, but often this bias reflects a lack of experience or serious investigation of the other type of boat. My wife, for instance, instinctively prefers catamarans, yet it’s fair to say she’s never been cruising on a modern trimaran, or for that matter that she knows anyone who has owned one. I feel you should keep an open mind in your search for the ideal multihull.

Although your instincts may well be accurate, initial preferences can change after careful reflection and some hands-on research.

Click here to link through to full story – A Cat or a Tri? by Kevin Jeffrey on Yachting Life website.

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