Fitting out a new cruising catamaran.

By Peter Salisbury


The main thing to consider when setting up a cruising boat is what you intend to do with it. A boat used mainly for weekend cruises needs far simpler equipment aboard than one that is to be used for extended live aboard cruising.

A boat that is over specified:

  • costs more to set up than it should
  • is more complex to operate for both the owner and anyone else who needs to drive it
  • represents a greater maintenance commitment
  • may be heavier than necessary – particularly a sailing catamaran

A boat that is under specified:

  • will not perform to the owners expectations
  • will not be as easy to navigate as you would like
  • may not be safe or comfortable in the event of a fault
  • may suffer from flat batteries, which is a nuisance and will significantly reduce their service life
  • might not be as comfortable to live on as the first mate probably expects

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