Is a Charter Boat for you?

Life with Style – charter boat article – By Mark O’Donoghue When is a boat more like an investment holiday apartment than an expensive weekender? The notion of owning a boat means to most of us, delightful days on the water with family and friends, however with a never ending… read more

Keeping your steering in check

By Multihull Solutions Technical Manager – Nod Our Services Manager Michael Crook (better known to everyone including his parents as “Nod”), has spent most of his life playing with boats and offers some great tips to help you keep your boat in A1 condition. This tip assists in keeping your… read more

Keeping your white boat WHITE!

Post by Andy Ireland. For those that know me at cleaning time around the boat I’m sure they call me a pain in the butt but I am anal about leaving the dock with a “clean” boat “Hey Roscoe”. To that end I have tried a gazillion products to get… read more

Computerise Your Cat!

This informative story is written by Andy Ireland one of our happy Fountaine Pajot owners from South Australia. Andy has been an owner for many years and enjoys sharing what he has learned with fellow owners.  Here Andy shares with us some great tips on how easy it is to… read more

How to get extra life out of your halyards?

Our Services Manager Michael Crook (better known to everyone including his parents as “Nod”), has spent most of his life playing with boats and will be contributing regularly to this blog with tips to help you keep your boat in A1 condition.This month, Nod has advice on how to prolong… read more

Financing Your New Boat

Realise your boating ambitions with the right finance solution. When considering that next boat purchase, evaluating finance options is not high on your list of priorities, yet it should be. Just as the boats you’re looking at come with many choices and accessory options, so too there are many more… read more

Fitting out a new cruising catamaran.

By Peter Salisbury Introduction: The main thing to consider when setting up a cruising boat is what you intend to do with it. A boat used mainly for weekend cruises needs far simpler equipment aboard than one that is to be used for extended live aboard cruising. A boat that… read more

A cat or a tri?

By Kevin Jeffrey Once you’ve made the decision that your cruising boat will be a multihull, the next step is to determine how many hulls it should have. Most prospective multihull buyers have a subconscious preference for catamarans or trimarans, but often this bias reflects a lack of experience or… read more

Things to consider when buying a cat

Posted by Paul Mann Looking at purchasing a catamaran? Been there, done that! This article is not intended to revisit the advantages/disadvantages of multihulls versus monohulls as these issues are documented in numerous papers. Rather, I intended to try to focus on factors that become important to me during the… read more

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