The Yacht Sales Co. is pleased to offer any team member the opportunity to request to have their vehicle sign written.

Compensation for Non-Salespeople

For non-salespeople, i.e. anyone who works in a role that does not earn them a commission for sales, TYSC will compensate you $500 when your vehicle is sign-written and $500 on the first anniversary of your vehicle being sign-written. The total compensation will be $1,000 across these two payments and is considered compensation for the sign-writing of your vehicle for 2 years.

Note that payments will be made through payroll.

Compensation for Salespeople

For Salespeople, your vehicles will be personalised to you, with your name (optional), direct contact details and unique QR Code included on the vehicle. Your unique QR Code will link to your personalised page on our new website, displaying your photo, listings and other info. As you will benefit directly from people viewing your vehicle in your geographical area, no direct payment will be provided for signwriting your vehicle.

Sign Writing-Costs

TYSC will cover all costs associated with having the vehicle signed.

Removal Process

If the signage is left on your vehicle for the full 2 years, TYSC will arrange to have it removed, and a basic clean and polish completed on your vehicle, with a supplier chosen by TYSC.

If you choose to remove the signage before the two years are complete, you may choose to remove the signage yourself or have it professionally removed at your own cost.

Be aware that some vehicle paint can fade in the sun, leaving the area that was signed unfaded, if you are concerned about this, please discuss this before requesting your vehicle to be sign-written.

TYSC will cover no additional costs.

Subject to Approval

Please note that we may choose not to sign write a vehicle for several reasons, including:

  • Number of vehicles already in your area
  • Budget constraints
  • Age, style, type or condition of vehicle
  • Likelihood of you selling your vehicle



Below are examples only, to show the general difference between corporate style and full wrap styles of signwriting. While we invite you to provide your preference for a full wrap, most vehicles will be done in corporate-style sign-writing due to the high cost of the full wrap option. You will be asked to sign off on your final artwork before your vehicle is booked for any signwriting application.







Full Wrap









To apply to have your vehicle signed, please complete the below form and the marketing team will respond as soon as possible.



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