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Corsair Marine overview

Multihull Solutions are representatives of Corsair trimarans in southern Thailand and Malaysia. Corsair Marine International is one of the world’s leading lightweight composite sailboat builders specialising in trailerable trimarans.

Founded in San Diego, California in 1984 by John Walton (son of Walmart founder, Sam Walton) the company set out to build the Corsair F-27 trailerable trimaran designed by Ian Farrier. This new design was an immediate success. The sailing public loved the versatility of this new trimaran with its patented folding mechanism that allowed the Corsairs to be easily folded to a width that enabled it to be trailered behind a family car or fit a regular marina berth. Once extended to its full width for sailing, this new design proved itself as an awesome performance sailboat.

Over the next decade, new designs were added and Corsair Marine expanded to offer a full range of folding trimarans from 20ft through to 37ft. The designs’ popularity continued to grow with a network of dealers appointed throughout the world to handle public demand, including Multihull Solutions in Thailand and Malaysia.

In 2006, the company relocated its headquarters and production facilities from California to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam to take advantage of its central location, political stability, booming economy and large pool of talented labour. A number of key Corsair Marine staff relocated to Vietnam to facilitate the migration of the business and the establishment of the new factory. In October 2010, the company was purchased by Seawind Catamarans.

Corsair Marine has sold more than 2000 trimarans through its global dealership network and continues to be innovative with new designs and construction methods. All Corsair trimarans are manufactured by hand using high-tech composite construction and vacuum-resin techniques. The Corsair Group continues its policy of constant improvement to increase its high standards of quality and design for which the Corsair Marine trimarans have always been associated.

The combined entities of Corsair Marine International and Seawind Catamarans employ more than 220 incredibly skilled and dedicated staff with both brands manufactured in the continuously expanding factory headquarters of Southern Vietnam.

Range overview:

Pulse 600

New in 2015, the Pulse 600 is the baby of the Corsair range, and has quickly become one of the company’s most popular models.

Sprint 750 MKII

The Sprint is a huge cockpit day sailer that is ideal as a family fun boat as well as a serious racer.

Dash 750 MKII

With its recent update to the MKII model, the Dash is a stylish and elegant small family cruiser that also delivers incredible performance for the racing enthusiast.

Corsair 28

A classic trimaran of Corsairs’ launched in 1997 and still proving a favourite. The C28 comes in 3 models: C28 Cruiser Racer, RS28 Racer Sport and CE28 Cruiser Economy. Exhilarating to sail, both upwind and down.

Cruze 970

A recent launch in 2013, the Cruze supersedes the popular Corsair 31 model of which 300 are sailing worldwide. This new model is at home anywhere – cruising near or distant shores or offshore racing in the toughest conditions.

Corsair 37

The C37 comes in two models (C37 Blue Water Cruiser & C37 Carbon Racer) and is the largest of the Corsair Marine trimarans.

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