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The Fountaine Pajot range represents the pinnacle of boating excellence, combining outstanding offshore performance and cutting-edge technology.

Designed by the renowned team of architects, Joubert Nivelt, many Fountaine Pajot sialing yachts have capably taken on the world’s toughest waters.

Key design features can be found below:

1. Ease of boarding

All Fountaine Pajot catamarans are designed so that access is just one step up. This applies from boarding to movements inside the boat. Similarly, the process of securing the dinghy is facilitated by keeping one transom completely “bare” (a stainless steel ladder is mounted on one transom only), eliminating the risk of dinghy damage.

2. Obstruction-free decks

Moving about on board is safe and easy due to the absence of dangerous fittings on the deck (no shrouds, no fittings in the gangways, catwalk etc), keeping the deck clear, convenient and safe. In addition, stanchion bases are incorporated into the edge of the hull. f

3. Easier maneuvering in port

The twin engines and the position of the steering station make manoeuvring much easier than with a single-hulled craft.

4. Outstanding sea performance

Designed by sailors, Fountaine Pajot catamarans are particularly Obstruction-Free-Deckssuited to open ocean sailing. Their hulls, with their well-balanced volumes, are at ease at all speeds and in any sea. Their deck layout is carefully thought out and well fitted, guaranteeing efficient movement and ease of sailing for the crew.

Their performance is equally remarkable thanks to their excellent power-to-weight ratio, and their generous sail area is evenly distributed between mainsail and genoa. With jib furler and fully battened mainsail on ball-bearing travellers, sail area is easily adapted to weather conditions in order to make fullest use of the potential of the vessel.

In regattas, meeting other cruising catamarans on equal terms, Fountaine Pajot catamarans make their mark. Fountaine Pajot catamarans have over 500 Atlantic crossings to their credit and have been round the world hundreds of times.

5. Beach-ability

See the basic idea of how the sacrificial mini keels on the Fountaine Pajot sailing catamaran range work to provide a safe and stable platform when beaching is required. Whether its to tackle your annual antifoul, prepare your boat for sale, or simply to get in as close to shore as possible in your favourite anchorage, the mini keels take care of it all.

Additionally, the mini keels are sacrificial, meaning they are completely separate pieces to the hull mould. If the keels were to collide with anything, the hull would not be compromised, ensuring you can continue on safely to your nearest port.

6. Central anchoring

The anchor is ready for use at a press of a button. Fountaine Pajot devised this innovative anchoring system on a bridle to create several  advantages:

  • The boat is extremely stable when anchored;
  • The system is very quiet, as the noise of chain under tension is eliminated;
  • The chain is secured by the bridle.

7. Life on board

When you go aboard a Fountaine Pajot catamaran, you will find everyday activity goes on in two well-defined spaces: social life on the upper level in the saloon, and privacy in the hulls.


The saloon offers 360° panoramic visibility, whatever the model.It is the ideal social area for cooking, dining, relaxing in company or taking part in planning a voyage. The famous cap design common to all Fountaine Pajot catamarans is much more than a trademark. It prevents the greenhouse effect and keeps the saloon permanently shaded. The eating and lounging areas are very comfortable with a large and practical saloon table, and a comfortable settee that conceals spacious lockers.

Chart table

The practical chart table easily accommodates the navigation systems.


The galley is not only user-friendly, but also extremely well-equipped. All equipment is on one level for cooking in any sea state, with numerous storage spaces to satisfy the longest-term cruisers. The galley extends into the cockpit, doubling the area available for social activities at anchor.


All Fountaine Pajot catamarans have their cabins at their four extremities. This provides perfect separation and independence of the cabins. Furthermore, height under the beam, width of passageways, isolation from the engine-rooms and ventilation are all points on which Fountaine Pajot makes no concessions. Separate from one another, the cabins are comfortable and well ventilated. Access to the beds is unobstructed and easy. Each cabin is laid out with enough ergonomic storage space to live permanently on board and undertake lengthy cruises.

Owner’s Suite

For the entire Sail and Trawler range, Fountaine Pajot has designed an Owner’s version in response  to demands from clients who wish to live on board on extensive cruises, or offer their guests a hull all to themselves.

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