MTV Commercial Ferries by PMG Shipyard

MTV - Multiple Transport Vessel by PMG Shipyard

Introducing the MTV commercial ferry range by the established PMG Shipyard – a new approach in the development of water transportation that meets and exceeds the requirements of the average water taxi.

Consisting of the MTV 35 and MTV 55 catamarans, this range is designed using a modular system that can conveniently be converted from a Passenger ferry to a dive boat, ambulance boat, houseboat, or even a floating office and conference area. Everything you need to adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Great emphasis has been placed on interior layouts which enhance and assess the efficiency of the hull and maximise some of the most critical criteria such as comfort, safety, seating arrangements, boarding options, and luggage storage.

Multiple Uses


Designed to face any weather conditions, this catamaran will challenge the waters in full comfort and total security. Decked out for cruising, the MTV’s fairing also allows for river navigation. Her design is efficient as well as elegant.  Her high waterline breaks down choppy waves and her elevated rear results in fuel economy at a cruising speed of up to 20 knots.


Emergency situations are often critical; therefore, this high-sea ambulance has been built to face all hospital transportation needs.  She is equipped with the latest technology in medical apparatuses (stretchers, oxygen appliances, immobilization material, and so on). The ambulance provides ample space for the ER units to administer adequate first-aid care.  Ideal for remote areas where electricity and fuel are rare, all electrical needs on the boat are provided by the solar panels fitted to the roof.


To host exclusive guests on a nautical public relations venture is often a challenge. The configuration of this MTV line VIP BOAT with its floating reception or conference room, commodities, and adjoining kitchen will impress even the most discerning. The unique nautical experience alone will largely contribute to the success of the events organized onboard.


Designed as a scuba diving vessel, the MTV range provides enough space for many divers with their equipment to move around comfortably. Access in and out of the water is situated at the stern and is equipped with a platform for the disabled.

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