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TAG Manufacturing:

When establishing TAG yachts it was essential to find a designer who shared the team’s passion for multihull sailing and innovation. Greg Young’s dynamic enthusiasm was quickly recognised as he pushes the boundaries of design and development of the next generation of catamarans. Greg has extensive sailing and racing experience and comes from a strong design and boat-building background. His signature styling is unique and delivers a fresh outlook on the future of sailing catamaran design.

Design Brief:

The brief for the design was to create a high-performance sailing catamaran that could be sailed easily by a crew of two. The 60-foot size was chosen as this is practically the upper limit that a couple can handle when balancing performance, maintenance and general sail handling. The idea was to build a multihull which sails well in light breezes while exhibiting excellent handling characteristics in the most challenging conditions. Safety is paramount at TAG Yachts and underpins all design decisions.

When designing a multihull, there three important interrelating factors to consider: Comfort (luxury), Performance and Cost. Typically, if the yacht has high levels of luxury one then sacrifices performance as the weight increases. If performance is given priority, then the comfort factor diminishes. Trying to achieve both has traditionally meant an increase in cost. At TAG Yachts, Greg Young has achieved a superb balance of comfort, luxury and high performance, all with optimal cost-efficiency.

The result is a catamaran which outperforms all others in her class and will even impress monohull traditionalists with her upwind abilities, safety and innovative design features. You are assured of enjoying the ride regardless of whether it is a day sail in local waters or an ocean crossing to an exotic destination. Underway or at anchor, the catamaran’s remarkable layout, finishings and fixtures, the catamaran provides all the comforts of home for a carefree and unforgettable cruising experience.

Engineering by High Modulus:

The TAG 60 has been engineered by GURIT High Modulus Ltd employing the very latest in high-tech construction materials and techniques. The TAG 60 features a full carbon construction and vacuum consolidated laminates using Gurit epoxy resin systems and post-curing to achieve ultimate structural properties. The TAG 60 enjoys many compound-curved shapes that are inherently stronger than the flat-panel shapes seen on most catamaran designs.

The structurally integrated carbon forward beam, cross beam and bowsprit, along with 17 bulkhead and ring frames create an extremely stiff superstructure, which not only performs well but makes for a very strong catamaran. There is only a small fraction of flexing and movement, even when fully loaded, compared to the majority of sailing catamarans. Once again this translates into an incredibly safe yacht capable of confidently cruising the world.

Built by TAG Yachts:

The TAG 60 is built to CE standards and in accordance with the Gurit engineering specifications. Quality control checks are conducted and samples sent to laboratories to ensure all standards are strictly adhered to. The whole production process is completed inhouse, so the Tag Yachts team has complete control over the process and quality. TAG Yachts maintains a close working relationship with all its suppliers, not only in current practices but in the development of new, innovative products and processes to further the ongoing quest for optimal quality.


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