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Posted: 7 October 2013.

OceansWatch 1In recognition of the importance of marine conservation and environmental education, Multihull Solutions is proud to charitably support OceansWatch.

Multihull Solutions understands that the joy of cruising depends on protecting the world’s natural marine environment, which includes sustaining the livelihoods of those islanders whose homes and reefs are desired destinations for international sailors.

OceansWatch was established in 2007 by Chris Bone and a group of sailors and environmentalists who saw an opportunity for people who were sailing the world’s oceans to give something back to such islanders.

OceansWatch’s mission is to undertake marine conservation projects, to support sustainable livelihoods and provide environmental education in the remote islands of developing countries.

They use their own project lead yachts and members’ cruising yachts to provide transport and human resources. In addition they utilise the skills of qualified divers and graduates in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, and other appropriate fields to strengthen the yacht-based teams.

OceansWatch responds to the requests of communities that are struggling with declining marine resources, helping them through resourcing, empowering and facilitating processes to implement locally managed marine areas. They also support these communities’ sustainable livelihood projects by providing advice and resources, while supporting their small businesses by teaching how to add value to local produce and finding markets.

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