Privilège Catamarans

Key features

Privilège catamarans are renowned for their circumnavigation abilities and their superior comfort both underway and at mooring. They are famous for their durability, equipment quality and craftsmanship of their fibreglass work.

Key design features can be found below:

1. “The forward pod”: the Privilege Signature

The distinctive style that is the hallmark of Privilège catamarans’ aesthetics and construction has existed since 1985:

  • The extra volume in the pod allows generous space in the forward cabins, especially for the Owner’s Suite when it covers entire beam of the boat;
  • A fixed baby stay ready for use in order to set a storm sail or staysail should bad weather set in;
  • Excellent comfort is afforded in rough weather when the pod leans on the wave in order to avoid deep immersion of the bows.
  • From a structural perspective, the forward beam and seagull striker is supported on three points which reinforces the entire structure at sea.


2. Interior Layouts

The quality of Privilège catamarans’ interiors does not allow for any compromise. The interior furnishings and fixtures (furniture, upholstery, electrical, etc) utilise only the finest products and materials available to deliver optimal client satisfaction. Technical integration (set-up of equipments, phonic and thermic isolation, wires and supply set up, etc) and careful attention to ergonomics and functionality further optimise quality of life on board. And Privilège catamarans can be customised to cater for every client’s individual needs, whether it is an extra book shelf, even larger bed, specific oven or a unique layout.

3. Deck fittings / Rigging / Sails

Privilège has worked closely with the design office of Marc Lombard and a team of highly specialised and loyal suppliers for more than 20 years to develop the most ergonomic and user-friendly deck layouts that enhance the cruising experience without compromising safety, reliability and performance.

Marecha –  exclusive supplier of all Privilège masts, has a stellar reputation and has played an integral role in the development of each Privilège catamaran. The white lacquered aluminium profiles are optimised for the best strength/weight ratio, the weldings are flush, and the fittings and additions carefully calculated. They also supply the fore-beam, which is very important for the main strength of the whole hull/pod/deck configuration.

Incidences sails –  renowned as the preferred supplier for most racing yachts, uses the finest fabrics, and pays utmost care to the stitching and cutting, reinforcements to clews, tack and head corners, and threadlines.

As subcontractors, both Marecha and Incidences are rigorously monitored by Privilège to ensure that the rigging, sails and fittings are exclusively unique to the industry and manufactured to the very highest specifications.

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