NEEL 51 Progress Report

With over 31 new trimarans ordered since the shipyard’s launch in 2012, NEEL Trimarans is leading the industry with its innovative world cruisers built for great sailing and fast passage-making.

The latest model, the NEEL 51, has already had neel-51-infusion-processseven units sold and the shipyard is on track to present this incredible trimaran to the world at the La Grande Motte Boat Show in April 2017.

The NEEL 51 is the first cruising trimaran in the world to infuse all three hulls in one go. Her three hulls are assembled under the one roof and the infusion process is managed meticulously to coincide with the shipyard’s stringent quality control.

Next steps include: partitioning, installation of the motor frame and motor, installation of the cockpit and floor. Hull #1 of the NEEL 51  will be removed from her moulds in early December, and Hull #2 will begin production immediately following.


Another innovation of NEEL Trimaran is the “Cockloon” which offers the advantage of gathering up to 14 guests seated comfortably in a single space (cockpit / saloon).  Note that this space can also be partitioned at will to make two separated areas, an interior saloon and a cockpit.neel-51-cockloon

The “Cockloon” is so large that it is built in two parts, here you can see the laying of the back part, the cockpit.


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