SV NOETA | Italy – Sicily and the Ionian Sea

4 August 2019 Written by Cate & Dave Williams aboard their Fountaine Pajot Saba 50 The volcanic and windy Aeolian Islands were named after Aeolus, a demigod and keeper of the winds who gave Ulysses the west wind to take him back to Ithaca. Isola Stromboli – so exciting to… read more

Sailing On Empty | A Poem by David Brunt

Thank you to David Brunt, on his Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 for sharing this beautiful little poem written while crossing the Bay of Biscay on their maiden voyage, the sea was flat calm and the fuel was nearing towards empty… “Sailing on Empty” Alone with the dawn on a wide… read more

Navigating Cruising Bureaucracies In Europe

Written by Suellen Tomkins, owner of FP Helia 44 Wild Heart So you’ve bought your new catamaran and have opted for a factory pick up in Europe? Brilliant! An incredible cruising adventure waits; but before you set sail, let’s talk about the necessary customs and immigration formalities for a bit. You’ll be… read more

My top 5 “must haves” on board our catamaran.

Written by Suellen Tomkins, owner of FP Helia 44 Wild Heart Have you seen the classic John Cusack film “High Fidelity”? He’s a depressed record store owner who compulsively creates his top 5 lists of films, records and ex-girlfriends. Inspired by High Fidelity’s list-making, I’ve created my own top 5… read more

Welcome to our new owners!

The team at Multihull Solutions would like to extend a very warm welcome to the latest members of the Multihull Solutions Owner’s Club. Congratulations on your new boat and all the best for your travels ahead! MULTIHULL SOLUTIONS CLASS OF 2019 | EX-FACTORY PICKUP FROM LA ROCHELLE, FRANCE The second… read more

Night Passages – Love or Hate?

Written by Suellen Tomkins There’s a romantic notion of cruising at night; sails billowing in a steady breeze and the ocean shining in the moonlight; nothing but the peaceful sounds of the sea. The reality can be far from this idyll. Firstly, there’s darkness and lack of visibility. Throw in… read more

Buying In Paradise: French Polynesia

Denis Spooner and Suzi Kerr found their pre-loved Helia 44 catamaran in Tahiti, combining their dream of a bigger boat with an extended cruise. Caroline Strainig asked them about their adventure.  “The waters are crystal-clear and incredibly blue, and the sunsets are breathtaking. We snorkeled and swam almost every day.”… read more

Mediterreanean Escapade 2020 Preview: Aegean Rally

This is a first-hand account / sneak peek of the route that the Multihull Solutions Mediterranean Escapade 2020 will follow. Proudly hosted by Multihull Solutions and Mariner Boating from 21 May – 6 June 2020 on board an exclusive fleet of Fountaine Pajot charter catamarans, join this exciting social rally… read more

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