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Text by Barry Thompson

Pacific Powerboat Cumberland coverWhile the Fountaine Pajot brand has established itself as one of the world’s most innovative and successful sailing catamaran builders, it is also equally compatible when it comes to power cats.

Once marketed under the Power Trawler name, the new breed of Fountaine Pajot power cats are much more versatile than just a simple trawler. Plus they are not simply a regurgitated sailing cat sans mast. They are a purposely designed motor yacht from the board of Joubert-Nivelt, the French design powerhouse led by Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt.

The Fountaine Pajot Power Range comprises four models; MY37, Summerland 40LR, Cumberland 47LR and the Queensland 55. All four portray the same unique styling that makes this French marque so recognisable and the same highly efficient hull form, that provides such an exceptional ride, performance and handling package.

20150817_114355Fountaine Pajot launched the Cumberland 47 power trawler a few years ago, and while being quite successful was recently given a makeover and re-launched as the Cumberland 47 LC. As the name would suggest, the 47 LC (Long Cruise) is designed for long range cruising and hence has the power and tankage for serious sea miles. With her flawless hull lines coupled with the very latest technology to ensure ease of manoeuvrability, minimal fuel consumption and increased levels of comfort in operation, the Cumberland 47 LC is designed for life at sea.

20150817_123032A catamaran with finely-balanced hull lines, the 47 LC displays excellent longitudinal and transverse stability at sea. With its 2400 litre fuel capacity and fuel consumption that is claimed to be up to 40% less than that of a single-hull craft of equivalent size, it offers a truly impressive range. This is a power cat that can be at sea for some time and offer the comfort for seriously long period cruising around the New Zealand or Australian coastline. Or for the more adventurous across to the Pacific Islands or PNG.

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