Leopard Company Overview

By John Burnham Picking up the Pace at Leopard Gino Morelli came to catamaran design as a builder of racing cats, but in recent years has brought his knowledge of performance and technology to the art of designing production cats, notably the new models for Leopard Catamarans, built in South… read more

Leopard 46 – Boat Review

By BWS Staff The new Leopard 46, which is marketed in the U.S. by The Moorings, takes many of the new design ideas introduced last year in the Leopard 40 and expands them dramatically. Designed by Mevlin & Morrelli, the 46 establishes a whole new look for the Leopard fleet,… read more

Leopard 46 – A Leap for Leisure

By Andrew Burton Designed for blue-water cruising, this comfy cat will get you where you’re going in a hurry. The Leopard 46 has the genes of a racer. It’s built in South Africa by Robertson and Caine and was designed by Gino Morelli and Pete Melvin, who drew the record-breaking… read more

Leopard 46 – Boat Review by Cruising World

By Andrew Burton The handsome Leopard 46 has high freeboard, as you’d expect on a cruising cat, but it’s nicely broken up by a chine above the waterline. Above the chine, the hull flares to increase interior volume; below it, the hulls are narrower, which means better speed. We sailed… read more

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