Thinking of changing over from a monohull to a multihull? Caroline Strainig interviews a couple who have done just that to see how they found the transition. When Sydney couple Joe and Karen Atkinson decided to buy a multihull, they did their homework. Both accountants by profession and with a… read more

Tips For Dealing With Uncertainty

By Suellen Tomkins LIVING THE DREAM? I’M WORRIED So, you’ve said “yes” to the wonderful adventure that is cruising life, but there’s a nagging voice in your head that whispers “what if”: I can’t cope? I don’t like it? I get lost at sea? It can be scary, right? You’re… read more

Performance Or Comfort: Choosing Your Catamaran

By David Allouch, Multihull Solutions Tahiti Performance and comfort: is there a trade-off? When choosing your catamaran, you’ll be looking at performance, comfort …and price.  To help you with your choice, we’ve taken a look at the recent trends in catamaran construction. Outremer has announced the participation of 3 of their boat… read more

How to sell your boat with Multihull Solutions

Selling your boat can be a daunting process and there is a lot to remember, however Multihull Solutions is here to ensure the experience is smooth sailing and the best experience possible for both yourself and the Buyer of your boat. Following is a step-by-step guide to the process of… read more

How to buy your dream boat with Multihull Solutions

Buying a boat is an exciting time in your life, but it can also be daunting. Multihull Solutions is here to ensure your buying experience is smooth sailing and the best experience possible. Following is a step-by-step guide to the process of finding and buying your pre-owned boat through Asia… read more

Taking delivery in France

More and more Multihull Solutions clients are opting to take delivery of their new Fountaine Pajot in France. Saving money? The adventure? Caroline Strainig follows a Sydney couple through the process.   For Martin and Sonia Beamish, taking delivery of their new Lucia 40 at La Rochelle in France where… read more

Could you take charge?

Are you crew on a multihull? Would you be able to take over from your skipper if they fell overboard? Try our spot quiz and find out. By Caroline Strainig The splash of my husband going overboard was hard to miss. “Don’t worry, he jumps in often, to test my… read more

Buying a charterboat – tips from an owner

Charterboat owners Rick and Tarnia Conti talk candidly about the putting their new Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 into charter. By Caroline Strainig For South Australian couple Rick and Tarnia Conti, buying a multihull and putting it into charter was a decision that they made with their heads – and their… read more

Buying a charterboat – choosing a fleet

So, you’ve found your dream catamaran and you want to put it into charter, but how do you go about choosing a suitable fleet to put it with? Here are some tips to help steer your through the process. By Caroline Strainig Share your plan with Multihull Solutions One of the… read more

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