Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 – Midi’s Meandering Part 4, 2015

mtetnaBuonasera to you all. Well this comes to you from the port of Cefalu on Sicily after a very hot day (39 degrees) and a day of no wind. The night actually is not much cooler.

We have just had a lovely meal ashore as too hot to cook onboard. Our plans have now changed and our final destination this year is to be Marmaris, Turkey so plenty of sailing ahead for anybody that wants to join us.

Now that our annual clingons have left (not really) we are happy to have any new or old visitors. Although our sailing to date has been in light winds for the most part it has been wonderful to have our new permanent crew mate onboard, our new electric winch) and now pull up the main at any opportunity because if nothing else it often offers great shade.

Thanks again to Nick, Robyn, Bruce & Yvonne for their generosity. We trust you are all surviving the cold winter and we are doing our bit to keep the warmth away. Here is our latest news…

News update 5:

Buongiorno everyone!

What a hectic few weeks we have had.  Leaving our beloved Greece for Italy found the waters a bit rough for the first day and Robyn and Nick had ‘delicate’ tums so Midi had to forgo the pleasure of Robyn’s haute cuisine for some good ‘stick to your ribs’ grub a-laLesley.

Mt Etna welcomed us with some good puffs of smoke and we entered Italy at a place called Riposto.

We did the whole entry thing through an agent this time and unfortunately something got a bit lost in translation as the marina that we had to go to for a night, instead of costing us the exorbitant (to us mean Kiwis anyway) amount of 115 Euros , we were then told that as we were a catamaran it would be double.  Bruce used his ace negotiating skills to get it back to 172 Euros .  We re-named the town to Rip-off-sto!

Seriously this was a rather nice town with a great market, with vendors bellowing out their wares in loud Italian.  One rather burly man, when he found out we were from NZ, proceeded to do his version of the Haka!

We had a lovely meal out and the people sitting next to us said they were joining friends on their boat but they were just waiting for it to be provisioned.  No lugging great bags of groceries around like our guests have to do but they were off a serious boat called Cloud 9.

Read full story here.

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