How to get extra life out of your halyards?

Our Services Manager Michael Crook (better known to everyone including his parents as “Nod”), has spent most of his life playing with boats and will be contributing regularly to this blog with tips to help you keep your boat in A1 condition.This month, Nod has advice on how to prolong the life of your sheets and halyards.

Every few months “end for end” your sheets and halyards. This basically means removing them and re-threading them using the opposite end as the head. This will ensure you are not putting unnecessary pressure on the same wear points each time you are sailing.

After you have done this once, the next time you do it just shorten your line by a few inches and then re-thread it. This will again create a new set of wear points which will give your sheets and halyards a much longer life and also prevent those ugly circumstances when things go PING!

If your sheets or halyards are stiff from salt spray or lack of use, I recommend soaking them for a day in a big bucket of fresh water and Napisan – this will freshen them up and take the stiffness away.

Until next edition happy sailing!


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