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Catana 42

L.O.A. 12.58 m / 41.27 ft
Beam 6.9 m / 22.64 ft
Draft Boards Up: 0.8 m / 2.62 ft - Boards Down: 2.7 m / 8.86 ft
Full Load Displacement 9.3 tonnes
Main Sail Area 70 m² / 753 sq ft
Genoa Area 42 m² / 452 sq ft

Engines 2 x 30 hp saildrives
Fuel/Diesel 430 litre
Freshwater 670 litre
Architects Christophe Barreau
Full Description

After the impressive European launch with her remarkably fast sea trials, the Catana 42 is now available to Australian and New Zealand multihull enthusiasts.

The Catana 42 recorded nearly 22 knots during recent European sea trials, and the fiery catamaran is demanding attention from buyers, media and industry experts alike with its ability to harness the slightest gust and deliver fast and outstanding offshore performances.

Boat of the YearCatana 42 wins Boat of the Year award:

The Catana 42 continues to garner international acclaim with the catamaran being recognised in the prestigious US Cruising World Boat of the Year awards. Read more here.

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The Catana 42 sails at incredible speeds due to the comprehensive range of technical innovations, exclusive to the Catana shipyard. The catamaran’s unique beam/length ratio, adjustable daggerboards, tilted and tulip-shaped bows, aerodynamic coach-roof and torpedo-shaped hulls make the Catana 42 a revolution in the marine industry.

At the cutting edge of recreational boatbuilding, the carbon infusion process, now standard on all Catana models, ensures that the Catana 42 is an incredibly high-performance, light and resistant boat. At 20 knots before the wind, and 12 knots into the wind, the Catana 42 offers its passengers an unrivalled level of comfort and safety for a boat of this size.


The Catana 42 has an ambient and spacious interior with 360° panoramic views from generous windows. With direct access to the cockpit, its saloon is the hub of the boat and is equipped with an abundance of storage space. The light-filled cabins, excellent ventilation, contemporary interior design, thermal and audio insulation, all come together to make life on board easier and more comfortable.


The shape of the floaters and the option of lifting the daggerboards in heavy weather give the Catana 42 a much higher standard of safety than other catamarans. With its original daggerboard system, the catamaran is also capable of beating into the wind at the required speed in the roughest seas and reaching the closest port when a storm is approaching. The Catana 42 is the only boat of its size that can maintain high average speeds, whatever the trim or weather conditions.

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